3 Easy Ways To Delete Bookmarks On Chrome

Delete Bookmarks on Chrome

When you navigate through the internet, surfing on different websites, shopping for new things, looking for new opportunities, etc. As we know that most of us use the chrome browser, we keep bookmarking every piece of article, be it artwork, music, academic writing or any official document.

If you are using the internet, keeping bookmarks is an easy way to save things to read, see or hear them later. Another aspect of what makes the bookmark feature of chrome so important is that it is quick. Do you wish to access any article later for reading? Just bookmark it and you are good to go!

Now bookmarks do take significant space of your computer’s internal memory, too. Even though the storage they take is not much, most of us keep things bookmarking and forget to delete bookmarks on the chrome once we are done.

Therefore, this accumulation of bookmarks on your device can lead up to taking much space and leading to lagging in your computer. This is the major reason it is very important to delete bookmarks on chrome if you wish to enjoy and continue with your work.

Therefore, let us learn how to delete bookmarks on chrome so that you can declutter everything on your desktop or your device and manage to free up some storage as well. Let’s go and learn new ways to remove bookmarks on chrome!

How to Delete Bookmarks on Chrome?

Now naturally all of us have created bookmarks on chrome and as we forget to remove them too. Therefore, let us have a look at different methods to delete bookmarks on chrome and decide which one is easier for you and go with it.

1. Delete Bookmarks on Chrome: With the Star Icon

Let us have a look at the first method to remove bookmarks from chrome:

  1. Open the google chrome browser on your device.
  2. Open the page which you wish to remove from the bookmark.
  3. On the address bar present above, you will see a star option on the right side of the address bar.
  4. Hover your mouse and pointer and click on the blue-shaded star present there.
  5. This action will open a little dialogue box on our chrome window which will show three options of the edit, remove and done.
  6. Click on the Remove option to delete bookmarks on chrome.

Once you have performed this step, you will no longer be able to see the shaded-blue star on your address bar and the star will turn white with just a black outline. This shows that your page is not bookmarked at all. 

2. Delete Bookmarks on Chrome: With the Bookmark Manager

Another method to delete bookmarks on chrome is deleting with the help of the bookmark manager. This is the screen of google chrome that manages your bookmarks and allows you to see all links you have bookmarked up till now. 

This method is easier for most people as it shows you the entire record of your bookmarks history. You do not need to remember what page or link you want to remove bookmarks from chrome and can choose manually all those pages that are bookmarked unnecessarily and bulk delete all at once.

Let us have a look at how to delete bookmarks on chrome via the bookmarks manager:

  1. Open the google chrome browser.
  2. Press the shortcut key to open the bookmarks manager: CTRL: SHIFT+O
  3. On the far-right corner, beside the address bar, you will see three dots placed vertically, tap on them.
  4. Under the folders dropdown menu, click on the bookmarks option present on the left-hand side and go to bookmarks manager,
  5. This will open all the links to different articles bookmarked. Select any link and press the delete key to delete bookmarks on chrome.

3. Delete Bookmarks on Chrome: Using the Bookmarks Icon 

Another method to delete bookmarks on chrome is using the bookmarks list option. Here is how to remove bookmarks on chrome using the bookmarks list option:

  1. To access the bookmarks list in google chrome, go to the three vertical dots that are present beside the address bar.
  2. This will open a new options list from which you need to click on the bookmarks option.
  3. This will open the list of all the bookmarks on your laptop/desktop screen.
  4. Now right-click on any of the bookmarks you wish to delete and press the delete key.

Final Words

This is how you delete bookmarks on chrome using the bookmark list method. Once it gets deleted, click anywhere on the chrome screen to close the menu and resume your working again.


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