Data Privacy Is Growing: A Rising Concern In 21st Century





In this digital era, avoiding internet-based applications or websites is not much of a choice if one wants to keep up with the trend or any update but all these comforts come at the cost of the risk of losing one’s privacy. The concerns related to data privacy is growing as users are aware of the issues or insecurity due to compromising data protection. 

However, is just thinking about it enough? Not at all. The fear is a must but not enough. One has to start taking action to tackle this issue by understanding the data privacy laws, their importance, and the habits that demand changes for better security. Nowadays customers are wanting to trade their privacy with customization or personalization but when it comes to data privacy, no one is completely satisfied. 

According to a data privacy 2021 study, more than 60% of customers are somewhat willing to share private details or personal data with an application or website when personalized, convenient services are provided. 

So this means that the majority are ready to compromise privacy yet the concerns of data privacy are growing simultaneously. In this article, we will discuss in detail the importance of data privacy and why it is concerning. Let us first understand what data privacy means along with the laws related to it.

What is Data Privacy? Why Data Privacy is Growing in Recent Times?

Data privacy, also known as information privacy, is an aspect of data protection dealing with both the proper confidentiality of sensitive data, the more notably private data, as well as other sensitive information, including certain business statements and copyright data, Intellectual property rights, etc. in trying to attain legal standards and regulatory obligations such that it also protects the data’s confidentiality and its authenticity.

When we discuss the overall aspect of data privacy covers over three main domains, that is, the protection of traditional data such as maintaining the privacy of the data saved by the users as backup or for restoring the copies later, the second major aspect is the data security and finally the data privacy including the sensitive information, personal details, etc. 

When all of these are effective the goal of achieving a secured environment for critical data protection. This is the ultimate goal that everyone wants to achieve without compromising the comfort of personal experience.

Importance of Data Privacy

The importance of security and protection of data from factors such as internal and external issues is crucial when it comes along with the option that the data is sharable whenever the user wants with whomever they want to. Practically, digital data privacy has to deal with the data as well as the processes that control its transfer through third-party portals or applications. 

Hence it includes the nature of data storage such as using hard disks or cloud storage, the regulations related to them as well as the laws regulating the control processes. Almost every country on a global scale has its own set of rules and regulations governing data privacy which helps to clear the data privacy legislation for an industry, or set of people in the region. 

A survey indicating the concerns of data privacy growing and supporting such regulations indicates that more than 70% of users are willing to share their details when the application or websites provide transparency as well as authority over their data.

Understanding the Data Privacy Law

India’s data protection system is managed by the Information Technology (Reasonable security practises and procedures and sensitive personal data or information) Rules, which were enacted in 2021 that falls under the Information technology Act, 2000 or the IT Act. 

These govern the rules and compliance requirements related to the collection of data, their processing, storage as well as transferring them, under the Data Protection Rules. The sensitive information and personal data of individuals obtained after seeking their permission or consent, the information related to the right to publish them, and other policies related to disclosure requisition, transfer limitations, etc. are bound to these laws.

The data privacy laws further extend to the implementation of security-related practices and the steps known as the Reasonable Security Practices and Procedures (RSPPs) for all the organizations handling sensitive, personal data of any entity or individual. 

All these are documented in the information technology program and policies containing technical, managerial, physical protection, operational control measures, etc. such that it ensures the information assets are safe.

The ISO 27001 also known as the IS or IEC 27001 of Information technology -Security techniques and the Information Security Management System – Requirements are mandatory to establish the standards that comply with the RSPP requirement. 

Any norms or codes formed by the organization first need the approval of the Central government whereas the organizations that implement the RSPPs along with the independent Government auditing are complaint.

This meets with the main motive of dealing with the rising concerns of data privacy growing rapidly by preventing the sharing or leaking of data to those who should not have any access to it and provide secured access to individuals who can easily access their data. This is also the goal that data privacy laws work for. 

Management Tips for Ensuring Data Privacy

These are some of the important things that every individual must follow for data confidentiality and protecting the data from getting into the wrong hands, that is getting into unlawful or unauthorized disclosure or theft. Before sharing any data consider whether the recipient ensures to keep up the confidentiality, follows, adheres to the laws and regulations according to the contract. Never share any details or accept any terms and conditions until the source is genuine and reliable to ensure the protection of your privacy.

In this article, we have discussed the concerns related to data privacy is growing rapidly along with the reasons supporting the importance of data privacy laws. Hope this was useful in understanding the data privacy concepts and protecting your data.

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