How to Create a Grocery Delivery App like Instacart?





The grocery delivery app has been a boon during the pandemic. It is a lifeline for both stores and customers. There are plenty of online grocery delivery apps that give really good service and deliver good products on time. Meanwhile, the increase in competitiveness of the grocery shopping industry has encouraged new grocery delivery apps to emerge with better services to their customers. 

Here we will explain to you the business models and the features required for creating an online grocery shopping app like Instacart.

Online Grocery Delivery App Business Models

Every grocery delivery app varies in some or another way. Although all of them do have one common goal, which is to allow customers to order groceries and have them delivered on time. But the business logic behind this goal will be different. Below we have mentioned the most common business models for a grocery delivery app.

1. Marketplace Solutions

In the digital world, a digital marketplace works as a place or a site (to be more precise), where customers check the menu and place orders. Then, the company packs the orders and a delivery driver takes these orders to the customer. Grocery marketplace has a menu that includes a wide range of products and its pool of delivery drivers.

2. Delivery Aggregators

Applications developed under this business model offer a smooth shopping experience to customers. A delivery aggregator is a place to go to and you can shop for anything. It will show you a list of all nearby stores and their menus. 

Then you are free to choose either a pick-up or delivery option. This is a great business model that serves as a third party for local grocery stores.

3. Apps for Independent Grocery Stores

Independent and local grocery stores may also want to develop an online grocery app. Even though it is a good idea and helpful for regular customers, there is a huge chance that there won’t be too many downloads. When using such applications customers should be able to get all the necessary information and updates including product availability, price, or discounts.

Necessary Features of a Customer Shopping App

A customer grocery shopping app must be the main focus of attention if you are developing a grocery app. Apart from being of the best quality possible, giving a smooth performance, and good UI/UX, it must provide the following:

1. User Registration

User registration is very important and it should not be complex. When using an app for the first time, a customer should be given convenient options for them to choose like Gmail, Apple, Facebook, etc. 

Also, make sure you don’t ask for too much data while creating and configuring a user profile. Only ask that information that is really necessary for successful online shopping using your app. 

2. Search

Searching through various products in your app must be as easy as possible. It should be made user-friendly with advanced search, filters, categorization, and search suggestions. This will filter out searches and save time for your customer. Searching for a product in an actual store usually takes a lot of time. Quick and easy search is what makes grocery apps better than real store experiences. 

3. Shopping Cart

Few apps do remove items from the hectic. Allow your customers to add and remove items to the cart easily. So that it would be easy to verify what they are buying at the end. Including a progress meter for users to know at what stage of the checkout process they are. 

And a strong and clear call to action so that they don’t feel confused or frustrated. Make the workflow easy to follow and ensure uncomplicated navigation between the cart and the store.

4. Order Management

This includes real-time order tracking, order cancellation, and delivery schedule. Giving the customers to track their order from the time it is placed till it is delivered to them is a good idea. You can also give them access to see the location of the delivery driver in your app. 

Give them the right to cancel the order if it still has to be delivered and give a return policy if wrong or damaged products have been delivered. Moreover allow your customers to schedule the delivery so that the delivery happens at their convenience. 

There are many more features that would be a plus point for an online grocery app to have.

  • A wishlist
  • Simplified repeated orders
  • The essential nutrition information on food products.
  • Price and product comparison
  • Voice recognition
  • Customer service helpdesk
  • Easy payment process

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Necessary Features of Admin App

This side of the application is managed by the administrator of the customer app. It must have the following features:

1. Order Management

The administrator should have access to the information on each order placed. Then according to the product availability, the admin should accept or reject items on the list and suggest replacements if needed.

2. Inventory Management

Using an inventory system, the administrator can keep a track of products that are out-of-stock and even make sure that information regarding that product availability is true. 

3. Payment Management

Order payment must be done on time, complete transaction, and without charging extra. The job of the admin is to ensure that the stores and delivery people receive full payment once an order is delivered successfully.

4. Customer Support

The administrators should have complete access to customer feedback and reviews and ratings to act on them. This will ensure that a high-quality service is given by the store. An admin app must be the platform where they can communicate with the customers and process refunds and returns.

Best Grocery Delivery Apps in India

Below we have mentioned a few of the best grocery delivery apps in India. They produce top-notch services and are used by millions around the country. These apps will work on both iOS and Android devices.

  • Big Basket
  • Amazon Prime Now
  • Flipkart Supermarket
  • Dunzo
  • Grofers
  • Paytm Mall
  • Nature’s Basket


The competition for grocery delivery app is definitely at its peak. Not just the branded companies, but even many local shops have started their grocery delivery app. This has been very helpful for people during the pandemic. Such applications are only becoming popular and some even predict that this change will have long-lasting effects.

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