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Apple until recently had strict regulations for minors using their products and services to create Apple ID for children. The multibillion tech giant recommended children under the age of 18 use their parents’ Apple IDs to buy and download content such as movies, apps, music and books. The policy ensures that the purchases made by the child would be tied to their parent's account. This cannot be transferred to their own Apple ID later. 

The policy was amended and Apple finally introduced the option for parents to create personal Apple IDs for children. These separate accounts allow kids to download content while allowing their guardians to monitor and restrict access to explicit content. Parents are required to create Apple IDs for children under 13; however, older kids can create their own.

Do not share your Apple id with your child

An Apple ID is the account that you’ll use while accessing Apple’s iconic services like the App Store, Apple Music, iCloud, iMessage, FaceTime, and more. Every user is required to have their own Apple ID, hence make sure that your child logs in with their Apple ID. 

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It is not advisable to share your Apple ID with your child. If your Apple ID is logged in on your child’s account, you might have to face issues such as receiving each other’s iMessages. It is therefore important to make sure that everyone in your family uses their own Apple ID.

Create Apple ID for child

Follow these steps to learn how to create Apple ID for child:

  1. On the Settings app of your iPhone, select your name, and then click on “Set Up Family Sharing”. It is mandatory to set up Family Sharing while you create Apple ID for child. This is required as it enables family members to download each other’s purchases for free.
  2. If this is the first time you’re setting up Family Sharing, tap on “Get Started”
  3. Tap on “iTunes and App Store Purchases”
  4. Click “Continue” to set the Primary Account
  5. Confirm the payment method that you prefer to use for Family Sharing, and tap “Continue”. For sharing purchases, you must have a credit card on file. Keep in mind that debit cards cannot be used for this. Any user added to the Family Sharing profile will be able to use this payment method for purchases. It is advisable to turn off in-app purchases on the iPhone to avoid unexpected charges.
  6. Tap “Not Now” to skip inviting members.
  7. Creating Apple ID for child is fairly simple. Access your account page, click on “Family Sharing”, select “Add Family Member”, and finally tap “Create a Child Account” to successfully add your child’s account to Family Sharing.
  8. Do check out the terms and conditions of the Apple ID, and then tap “Next”
  9. You’ll receive a prompt to enter the child’s birthday. Click “Next” after filling in the necessary details.
  10. Go through and agree to the Parent Privacy Disclosure.
  11. Confirm that you control the credit card registered in your Apple ID by entering the CVV (3-digit number) printed on the back of the credit card and then tap “Next”.
  12. Enter your child’s name. Create an iCloud email address for them.
  13. Confirm that you want to register the create Apple ID for child using that email address by tapping “Create”.
  14. Type in a password for you to create Apple ID for child. Make this something that the child can remember. Keep in mind that once you add your child’s Apple ID to Family Sharing, you can’t remove it until the owner is over 13 years old. Apple ID passwords are required to meet certain levels of security, so it may take a few attempts to finally arrive at a password that meets Apple’s requirements and is easy for your child to remember.
  15. In a situation where you and your child forget the password, set three security questions that’ll help reset your password and to regain access to your child’s account.

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Set up the basics to register to create Apple ID for child, and you’re just about done.

Here are a couple of potentially useful features for your create Apple ID for child that is recommended for an optimized experience: 

  • Ask to Buy. This feature lets you approve or deny purchases your child attempts to make from iTunes and the App Store. It is recommended for parents to keep an eye on what their children are consuming/purchasing via the Internet. Turn 'Ask to Buy' option on by moving the slider to on/green. When you’ve made your choice, tap Next.
  • iPhones also have a feature that lets you know where you can create Apple ID for child is in real-time, making it convenient to send directions and meet up using apps like Messages, Find My Friends, or Find My iPhone. Choose whatever platform you prefer.
  • To see what information about your child is being used, make your child log in new Apple ID to confirm that it works seamlessly.
  • In case your child’s iPhone runs on iOS 13 or later, it is recommended to turn on turn on Find My iPhone
  • Find My [device] helps you retrieve your child’s device if it’s ever lost or stolen and also comes with options to protect it from misuse. To use Find My [device], either sign in to with their Apple ID or use the Find My app to see the missing device.
  • With Family Sharing, any family member listed on the group can help find another member’s device.

Apple also packs in security features like Face ID and Touch ID, which lets you unlock your device with the touch of a finger or a simple glance. Apple allows users to enroll on an Alternate Appearance for Face ID and up to five fingerprints. This will let you add your child’s biometrics for further convenience 

Another option to ensure maximum security is to set a six-digit passcode. This helps protect your child’s data. You can also opt for a four-digit passcode or a custom passcode; just tap “Passcode Options”. Do inform your child to not share their passcode with anyone.

As per Apple’s policy, after you create Apple ID for child and add them to Family Sharing, they cannot be removed from the family account until they reach 13. However, they can be transferred to another Family Sharing group. If that is not the case, the child will have to be older than 13 to leave Family Sharing. 

This is all it takes to create Apple ID for child. Keep in mind that when you create Apple ID for child, they will automatically be added to your Family Group.

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