5 Ways To Convert Word Document Into JPEG





Converting your document from word to jpeg is an easier task than expected. The main reason is that the operating system does not support the transitions to convert words into a jpeg. In most cases, you need to convert the document to pdf first.

But there are exceptions in this case also as it all depends on which device or platform the task is performed. Below are a few guides and examples Which is going to cover all the problems you find while you convert word into a jpeg.

There are times when you can fulfil your purpose through an image rather than text. Though you can convert the word document into a PDF file it doesn’t have the option to convert word into jpeg by default.

However, using some web applications or plug-ins you can do the task. These functions will work on the following operating system:- Windows7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 365, office 2019, Office 2016, Office 2013, and Office 2010.

How to Convert Word to JPEG Using Paste Special

Word’s Paste Special tool copies the text of the file and pastes it as an image.

Steps to convert word into JPEG:

  • Open the Word fine and choose the portion you want to convert into an image. To select the entire text of the file, simply press Ctrl+A and the whole document will be selected instantly.
  • To copy the content Press Ctrl+C or you can select the copy option from the clipboard group available in the Home Tab.
  • Choose File > Press Ctrl+N or New for a new word document.
  • Choose the Paste in the drop-down menu located in the Clipboard group of the Home and choose Paste Special.
  • Select Picture, then click OK. The text of the document will be inserted as an image
  • Select ctrl+s or right-click the image to select the save option.
  • Choose the folder in which you want to save the file. Name the image file and choose jpg before saving the file.
  • Choose Save.

How to Convert Word to JPEG Using the Windows Snipping Tool

If the Word occupies less than a full page and the content is readable without scrolling, then the best option is to use a windows snipping tool as it can instantly convert the document from Word to jpeg file.

  • Open the Word file and choose the content you want to convert into an image.
  • Choose File > Click Print or press Ctrl+P to see the document in print view form.
  • In the windows search button type “Snipping Tool”. Open the Snipping Tool application from the results.
  • Choose the drop-down menu mode and select rectangular snip.
  • Choose New, then drag a rectangle around the content in the print preview. Once you release the mouse, the snipped content will appear in the Snipping Tool application.
  • Press Ctrl+S and save the document.
  • Choose the location where you want to save the document. Name the image accordingly and Choose JPG in the dropdown Type box.
  • Press Save.

How to Convert Word to JPEG on a Mac

To convert your text document into a picture in Mac, you need to convert it into a PDF, by using the steps below:

  • Open your word documents from the saved folder
  • Select the File button.
  • Open the option, Save As.
  • Click on the Format dropdown menu and select PDF.
  • Choose on Save.
  • Right-click on your saved PDF file and select preview.
  • Select the File button.
  • Select “Export”.
  • Select the JPG extension From the Format menu.
  • Select Save.
  • You can do this on any Mac device by using the Preview application. It is very precise so there’s no need to install other apps.

Convert word to jpeg using an Online Converter

1 Browse Word into JPEG converter. Click on the result in a web browser. This free website that can convert the Word files into the JPEG format seamlessly.

2. Select drop or UPLOAD FILES, the light green button near the middle of the page.

3. Upload or choose the word document to configure. A preview of the document will appear below the “UPLOAD FILES” option.

If your Word file has more than one page of content, the tool will make an individual JPEG for every page.

4. Select DOWNLOAD at the button of the thumbnail. A zip folder containing the image will be downloaded and you can select the download location and click save or enter.

5. Extract the ZIP of the downloaded file. This depends on whether you’re using a mac os computer or windows:

Mac Os — Double-click to extract the zip folder.

Windows — Double-click the ZIP folder and click extract on the top right corner, select extract all, Select Extract at the top of the window, select Extract all.

6. Open your image JPEG folder. From the extracted folder, you will see one JPEG file of each page of the Word file you converted; by double-clicking you can open the JPEG fine in your default computer’s program.

Other Tricks to Convert Word to JPEG: A Scanner

If you want to move on the process with a different approach then you should have a  Printer with a scanning feature. With the help of this, you can print out the Word document at first, and subsequently scan the document to JPG. Generally speaking, a scanner program allows users to save scanned files as an image (JPG) or PDF format. 


There are many ways through which you can convert word into jpeg. Even if you are working through a smartphone,  some mobile apps will allow you to convert your DOC files directly into Jpeg files. While many of them require you to turn them into PDF files at first. Whatever tool you choose or whatever process you employ, the quality will always remain the same.

There are events when you want to save on your time while converting word to jpeg, we would personally recommend you to use apps or online tool converter at such time. This technology will surely help you to do your work quickly without any hindrance. These hacks and tools are brilliant ways to convert word into jpeg. 

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