Two Easy Methods To Help You Connect A Router To A Router





As we all know that connecting to the internet is very easy and all we need to do is open out the device and switch on the wifi connection from there. Similarly, sometimes you may feel the need to extend the range of your wifi and therefore think to connect a router to a router.

But, this process is not at all like connecting your device to the internet and rather has a long and completely different process. 

Now you may ask the need to connect a router to a router and its importance, then here is why:

  1. If your internet service provider has given you another modem or router and if you wish to extend your network, then connect to it.
  2. To expand the number of ethernet ports in your network without any switch.
  3. With the help of the second router, if you wish, you can expand the range of your wifi at home with the help of the second router

Now let us move on to the steps that will help you with the procedure regarding how to connect a router to a router. 

How to Connect a Router to a Router? 

Below are the points help you to connect a router to a router:

Set Up a Router

Set up a primary router and connect the ethernet cable that connects the WAN port of the router. In many routers, this option is called the internet. Now that you have installed your primary router and checked that the internet is working stable. From here the procedure is divided into two methods. 

First Method 

After you have set up your primary router in the earlier step, now you have to set up the secondary router with the help of the ethernet cable. Here is how you connect one router to another:

  1. Take an ethernet cable and connect it to the WAN port of the secondary router. With the same ethernet cable, connect the other cable to the LAN  port of the primary router.
  2. The second step is about configuring your secondary router, and here is the mini-guide to configure your secondary router. Before all, you need to first log in to the secondary router. Here is how you log in to your secondary router:
  • Turn your wifi over and go to the browser that is written in front of the login details.
  • Log in to the router using the username and password you have set.

Once you have entered the correct details and successfully logged in to your account, then do the following steps:

  • Set DHCP as your internet connection.
  • Set a name for your wifi router.
  • Set a new password for the wifi router.
  • Save and apply the changes.

After you have successfully performed the necessary changes, saved and applied them, your secondary wifi is set up and ready to use. Now with the help of this secondary router, you have extended your network and connected a router to a router.

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Second Method

If you find the above method a little complicated for you to use or think some of the information is missing in your router case, then you can always adopt this method 2 to connect a router to a router. Here is how you connect a router to a router:

Before we move on to the steps, make sure to check that bridging is enabled on your primary router.  To make a secondary router your wireless repeater make sure to place it somewhere where you can get a good connection. Make sure your secondary router is getting enough and stable network else this method will not work at all. 

Now, moving on, here are the further steps on how to connect a router to a router: 

  1. Now configure your secondary router as you did in the first method. Here are the steps to configure your secondary router and before that login and once done this, follow these steps:
  • Go to the wireless page of the router.
  • Set up the wifi router name.
  • Allot a password to your secondary router.
  • Save and apply the following changes that you have made above.
  • On the wireless page again, go to Wireless Repeater Section.
  • Check if the wireless repeater option is enabled. If it is disabled, turn it back on again.
  • Now click on the site survey option.
  • From the list of wifi available that rolls down, click and choose the name of your primary router name.
  • Under the pre-shared key section of the wifi, enter the password allotted to the primary router.
  • Click on apply option.

Final Words

Set up the SSID of the secondary router by going to the wireless repeater section and after you have completed all these steps, your wifi network will successfully expand. Now as you have learnt to connect one router to another, you must also know that if you use method one then you will get a greater internet speed than when you choose the second method. Therefore, make your choice accordingly. 

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