How To Recover Passwords And Set Up Parental Control On Cisco Routers?





Internet security is a crucial step when it comes to securing your data. It involves various security tactics for protecting transactions and activities that are conducted online over the internet. These measures protect users from inconveniencies such as hacking into an email, computer websites, and identity theft. It gives a sense of security to the users and assures them to keep using the internet for various purposes. 

One of the most famous internet security providers in the market is Cisco Systems. In this article, we will look at Cisco Systems and measures that can be taken to protect users from cyberattacks.

What is Cisco Systems?

Founded on 10th December 1984 in San Francisco, California, United States, Cisco systems is a multinational technology conglomerate corporation. Cisco is known for developing, manufacturing, and selling software, network hardware, telecommunications equipment, and other high-tech products and services. 

Cisco specializes in specific tech markets, such as energy management, domain security, and the internet of things through its numerous acquired subsidiaries such as Webex, OpenDNS, Jasper, and Jabber. The company was ranked number one on Fortune magazine's annual list of the 100 Best Companies to Work For in 2020.

Security Services Offered by Cisco

Here is the list of some of the security services provided by Cisco-

1. Cisco Identity Services Engine

It is a system that delivers superior device and user visibility to support the company's mobility experiences. 

It shares data with other integrated partner solutions to boost its capabilities to mitigate, identify and remediate threats.

Some of the services provided under ISE are-

  1. Cisco Meraki Cloud Managed MDM
  2. Cisco Secure Access Control Server Solution Engine
  3. Cisco Secure Access Control Server for Windows
  4. Cisco Secure Access Control System

2. Cisco Advanced Malware Protection

Cisco Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) provides continuous monitoring of malicious behavior, breach prevention, rapid malware detection, and malware removal. 

There are 4 different types of AMP deployment-

  1. AMP for Endpoints - Free Trial Offer
  2. AMP for Networks
  3. AMP for Email Security
  4. AMP for Web Security

3. Cisco Umbrella

Cisco Umbrella helps users to adopt the cloud securely. It enables users to-

  1. Block threats earlier
  2. Extend protection
  3. Secure users, data, apps
  4. Enable secure cloud use

Cisco Umbrella serves as the first line of defense against threats on the internet, wherever users go.

4. Cisco Email Security

Cisco email security provides a defense against phishing, ransomware, and business email compromise. It can even protect outgoing email through content encryption capabilities and robust data loss prevention, helping users comply with industry regulations and governments. 

5. Cisco Firewalls

It protects an organization from unauthorized access while allowing authentic traffic. The company provides two firewalls-

  1. Cisco ASA 5500-X Next-Generation Firewalls
  2. Cisco ASA with FirePOWER Services

6. Cisco Cloud Web Security

Cisco cloud web security provides users with industry-leading control and security for the distributed enterprise. With the help of CWS advanced threat defense capabilities, worldwide threat intelligence, and roaming user protection, users are protected everywhere. 

Some of the advantages of Cisco Cloud Web Security are-

  1. Defend against web-based threats
  2. Defeat advanced malware
  3. Reduce costs
  4. Scale your solution with high availability
  5. Connect to the cloud with flexibility

How to Recover Cisco Password?

Here is a step by step guide to recover Cisco password for the 2900 Integrated Services Router- 

  • Either switch off or shut down the router
  • Remove the compact flash that is on the rear of the router. 
  • Switch on the router.
  • Once the router is on Rommon mode, reinsert the compact flash.
  • Type config 0x2142 at the rommon 1> prompt to boot from flash.
  • Type reset at the rommon 2> prompt.
  • Type no after each setup question, or press Ctrl-C to skip the initial setup procedure.
  • Type enable at the router> prompt. You are in enable mode and should see the Router# prompt.

1. Type configure memory or copy startup-config running-config to copy the nonvolatile RAM (NVRAM) into memory.

Do not enter copy running-config startup-config or write. These commands will erase your startup configuration. 

2. Issue the show running-config command. This command shows the configuration of the router.

In this command, the shutdown command appears under all interfaces. Also, the passwords (enable password, vty, enable secret and console passwords)are in either an encrypted or unencrypted format. You must change encrypted passwords to a new password and can reuse unencrypted passwords. 

  • Type configure terminal. The hostname(config)# prompt appears.
  • Type enable secret <password> to change the enable secret password.
  • Issue the no shutdown command on every interface that you use.

Every interface that you want to use should display up if you issue a show IP interface brief command. 

3. Type config-register 

<configuration_register_setting> . Where,<configuration_register_setting> is either the value you recorded in step 2 or 0x2102.

4. Press Ctrl-z or end to leave the configuration mode. The hostname# prompt appears.

5. Typewrite memory or copy running-config startup-config to commit the changes.

How to Set up Parental Control on Cisco Routers?

Follow these steps to set up parental control on Cisco routers -

  1. Navigate to the Cisco Admin Console by visiting in your Internet browser
  2. Log in with the following information: Username and Password: You can find the default password printed on the white sticker on your modem.
  3. Select Access Restrictions from the top menu bar.
  4. Then, choose Basic Rules from the secondary menu bar (shown below in green).
  5. Add a checkmark to the box for Enable Parental Control
  6. Type in a name for the new ruleset and then click Add Rule
  7. The new rule should appear in the drop-down menu, and you can select the rule to confirm its proper creation.


Security measures are there to help users use the internet safely and without any interference from hackers and cyber attackers. 

Cisco Systems are one of the many security services companies that enable users to get safe access to the internet. The safety measures discussed above can help to create a layer of protection to save your data. It will be interesting to see the development of security measures with advancement to technology in the future. 

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