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Today, the number of businesses is at an all-time high. From digital marketers to big business owners, everyone is making an effort to grow their business to achieve their respective goals. One of the most integral parts of any business growth is marketing. 

Marketing is a business strategy for promoting new products, which helps consumers know about its advantages. For marketing purposes, businesses worldwide use things like banners, posters, and digital marketing strategies. There is a lot of software that one can use to create posters and banners. One of the most popular and effective software that can be used to achieve this is CorelDraw (CDR). 

What is CDR and What is its Meaning?

To put it simply, a CDR is a vector graphics file that is used to compress and encode a digital image which can be manipulated with the help of a vector editing software program. The files that are saved with the CDR extension are assigned to use with CorelDraw products and other Corel Applications. CDR documents contain a document that comprises shapes, images, lines, texts, effects, and colors. It can be used to make different documents like tabloids, webpages, postcards, web banners, envelopes, letters, brochures, etc. 

CDR Applications

The following applications can be used in CorelDRAW along with CorelDRAW graphic suite-


It is an online vector illustration program that is accessible with the help of a web browser.


It is an image-editing application that can be used to develop photos. 

3. Corel CAPTURE

It is a screen capture utility that can be operated with a single click. (Web Version Only)

4. Corel Font Manager

Allows users to explore different kinds of fonts and management applications.

5. PowerTRACE

PowerTRACE can be used to convert AI-powered bitmap-to-vector tracing. 

6. AfterShot 3 HDR

This allows users to edit RAW photos.

Free Content Available in CorelDRAW 2020

  1. Over 1000 OpenType and Truetype fonts.
  2. 150 professionally design template
  3. Up to 1000 high-resolution digital photos
  4. As many as 600 fountains, vector, and bitmap fill.
  5. 7000 vehicle wrap templates, digital images, and clipart

How to Open a CDR File?

Listed below are the instructions to open a CDR file–

On Windows:

Create New Document

Launch CorelDRAW and select a new document. There you can select your desired canvas size and colors. 

Select Your CDR File

The following file browser- File> Import will appear on the screen. 

Click Import on the CDR file that you want to work on. 

Position Images On Canvas

Select the position of the image with the help of the cursor and drag the image on the canvas. 

Edit Your CDR file

Edit your image how you desire. There are a bunch of tools that can be used to make editing fun. 

Save Your Document

Before closing, save your document into your desired file location. It will save the file for further editing. 

On macOS:

There is only one way to open a CDR file on macOS. The CDR file has to be converted into a vector pdf, eps or png, jpg document. 

Following are the steps to open a CDR file in macOS-

  1. Firstly, you have to download CDRViewer 1, CHRViewer 2, or CDRViewer 3.
  2. Then, find the document in the finder
  3. Double Click to view and open the document.

CDR File Extensions

CDR can open the following file:


  • pdf
  • dwg
  • jpg
  • eps
  • rtf
  • dng
  • svg
  • pub (Windows Only)
  • docx (Windows Only)
  • psd
  • ai
  • bmp
  • ps
  • tif
  • Ico
  • prn
  • dxf
  • exe (Windows Only)
  • htm
  • gif
  • vsd
  • doc (Windows Only)

CDR works with-

  1. Microsoft Windows 10
  2. Microsoft Windows 8.1
  3. Windows 7
  4. macOS 10.14
  5. macOS 10.13
  6. macOS 10.12

Some Main Features of CorelDRAW

These are some of the main features of CorelDRAW-

  • Multi-monitor
  • Copy Curve Segments
  • Touch-friendly GU interface
  • Import legacy workspaces
  • Custom node shapes
  • Corel Font manager
  • Enhanced vector previews, handles, and nodes
  • LiveSketch tool
  • Healing clone tools
  • Gaussian blur feature
  • Powerful stylus enhancements
  • Prominent interactive sliders
  • Font filtering and search font filtering and search

Why is CorelDraw an Ideal Software? 

The best thing about CorelDraw is its set of features, customizations, and reliability. These features attract users to use CorelDRAW graphic suite 2020. Anyone from beginners to professionals can use this software with ease if their operating system matches the demand of the software. 

The customizations are simply amazing. It gives the users an array of tools to choose from which can be used to create awesome templates. Different types of fonts can also be discovered with the Corel Font Manager 2020, and extensions, plugins, font packs, and applications can be downloaded to grow the tools that give users a lot to choose from. 

The CorelDRAW LiveSketch tool can also be used to execute some brilliant ideas. Users need to have a pen-enabled device to capture original ideas as fast as possible. A search and Filter feature can also be found on the LiveSketch which helps to pick the ideal font for several projects.

CorelDRAW graphic suite 2020 provides users with professional color flexibility and accuracy. Designers can make eye-catching marketing materials, graphics for social media, viral signs, and some memorable logos. 


CDR is one of the best and widely available software for editing right now. It can be used to design several things and is very flexible. CorelDRAW provides its users with a wide variety of customizations that can be used to come up with something new and refreshing. It helps users to be creative and express their art on a canvas. 

There is a constant upgradation of the CorelDraw graphic suite 2021, which was released on the 9th of March 2021 for Windows 10. Developers are working on releasing the new version on other devices as well. With the ever-evolving technology, the software will only get better with time, resulting in more options to discover and better optimization. It will give designers all over the world more opportunities to explore their inner creativity. 

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