Can't Add People On Facebook? 7 Reasons Why!





Social media is an addiction, to be honest. One has to find a reason behind every other function and why are they not able to use it as the others are using it. Social media networking applications like Instagram and Facebook are the most common ones among the youth. Instagram is the easier one to use and Facebook with a sea of settings, modifications and options to use, are the tougher ones. There might be situations when you can’t add someone on Facebook. Here’s why.

Initially, Facebook was used to make friends from all over the world until Instagram became the option. With a piece of wide information available on Facebook, it is still used by almost all of us. Moreover, the search filter has been refined, modified and improved so many times that you can look for any person in the world easily. Instagram on the other hand faces a backlash for its limited search options and features.

The most encountered problem of Facebook is the inability to add someone as a friend to it. If you are still asking others, ‘Why can’t I add someone on Facebook?’ then we will discuss in detail and look at some of the probable reasons why you can’t add someone on Facebook.

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Can’t Add Someone On Facebook? Here Is The Answer Why

We know that Facebook settings are a big confusion because of all the technical jargon with an array of options, it is not easier as other social media networking, hence, people often wonder why they can’t add someone on Facebook. The Facebook settings, for the sake of your privacy, control who can add you as your friends and send you friend requests. Everything is controlled except for texting and messaging. 

Here are some of the possible reasons why you can’t add someone on Facebook:

  1. The privacy settings

As mentioned earlier, Facebook takes your privacy quite seriously especially about people that are in your connection. One of the major reasons why you can’t add someone on Facebook is that they might have changed their privacy settings. Certain options in Facebook stop others from adding you as your friends and does not let them ass you in their Facebook profile. 

So if the person you wanted to add has changed their friend request privacy settings to ‘friends of friends,’ then this is the only reason you can’t add them on Facebook. If you still want them to add you, you can still leave them a text as the messaging option is still available and open to everyone, and ask them to add you.

  1. They might have deactivated their account

Deactivating and deleting Facebook are different things, yet are most confused. While someone might have deactivated their Facebook account, their account remains up on Facebook for some time until the person permanently deleted their Facebook profile. Hence, as long as their Facebook account is deactivated, it still shows up on Facebook but you can’t add them as your friend. Once they log in, you can see the ‘Add Friend’ option again. Moreover, if you still want to talk to them while they have deactivated their account, send them a message on Facebook and they will receive it.

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  1. You might have been blocked by them

Sad to inform you, but this might also be one of the reasons due to which you can’t add someone on Facebook. If a person on Facebook blocks you, it means to cut all sorts of interactions with you like viewing their profile or interacting with them through texts or any kind. 

If you want to check the list of people you have blocked then follow this procedure:

  1. Go to settings and privacy.
  2. Click on settings.
  3. Click on blocking.

You can unblock people from here, too.

  1. Reaching the maximum friend limit

This might come as a surprise but Facebook regulated the number of friends you can keep. The maximum limit for the number of friends is 5000 on Facebook. If someone has exceeded the limit, you would not be able to add them on Facebook.

  1. The request has been sent already in the past

If you have already sent a friend request to the person, Facebook will not show the option of ‘Add Friend’ anymore but instead, you will see an option of ‘Cancel Request’. This means your friend’s request has already been sent to the person and he has not accepted or rejected, yet. 

  1. If they have denied your request

Another bad news, the person has denied your friend request and that is why you are again seeing the option of ‘Add Friend’ on their profile. Hence, you can send it again as long as you see the friend button again.

  1. It is a restricted account

Many times people report the accounts of others due to various reasons if they are found going against the guidelines of Facebook. Hence, Facebook restricts its activities for a particular period. The restriction period usually lasts from a few hours to many days, depending on the kind of reports you have been into. 

These were all the major reasons due to which you can’t add someone on Facebook. Hope it helped! 

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