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How to calibrate your gaming controller in windows 10?

The majority of new controllers can be used out of the box with a personal computer.  But you might find your analog stick inputs not as reliable as they should be if you use an extremely large controller or a USB adapter. For example for accurate stick inputs, GameCube and N64 controllers usually have to make a small change. The calibration menu for your controller can be used for windows 10. Some joysticks also need to be calibrated carefully before registering reliably.

Calibrate your gaming control in windows 10 via name and the icon may vary slightly according to the controller you are using. We use the control Xbox one, which requires a special personalized computer dongle. Any control, gamepad, or joystick measurements should be subject to the same steps. 

Opening the calibration wizard

How to calibrate your gaming controller in windows 10?

  • Open the Start Menu windows 7 check screen. Don’t open the application for the windows 10 setting. If that is the case, you would go to “Devices >printing and scanner >printers and devices”.
  • To open a list of devices connected to your computer. Click on “Devices and printers”.
  • In the system list, pick the icon of your controller. Don’t confuse it with the wireless adapter of the controller. The calibration option won’t be available.
  • Right-click the controller and select from the context menu the Game controller setting.
  • Click the “properties” button on the pop-up options screen.
  • Click the “settings” button in the next pop-up window.
  • To open the calibration tool, click on the “calibrate” button in the
    “Settings” tab. You can also find the “Reset Default” button here if you calibrate your controller accidentally incorrectly. It will put stuff back to the state of origin.

This will call on the Calibration Wizard to guide you through the process of setting the path of your controller correctly.

The wizard for calibration

You can continue through the guided calibration steps after the calibration wizard is opened to gain further control over your input control sticks.

  • Select “Next” in the main window to begin.
  • This first window calibrates the left thumbstick that is considered a directional pad by the calibration tool. Leave the stick in and click on any button (the “A” is all right) on the controller or click “Next” in the calibration pane.
  • Press the steering stick into each corner (or just rotate the steering stick around the ends of the input). You can tick the box next to “Show Raw Data” if you want to see the integer values the controller sends to the device.
  • Return the center of the left control stick, and click on any other controller button.
  • The following window is the Z-axis. The triggers (LT and RT) on the back of the controller are controlled by the Xbox one controller. You have to sequentially buy the Xbox one controller. You have to sequentially pull the left and right triggers on the Xbox 360 and Xbox one to obtain a total ranging of “motions” from 0% to 100%. If that has been finished, push every other button on the remote.
  • The X rotation of the right control stick is controlled by left and right movements. Drag the control stick to the left, then to the right, and then press any button on the controller.
  • To join the Y rotation, push either button of the controller, shift the right control stick upwards and down.
  • To finish your calibration, press “Finish”.
  • Click the “Apply” button to apply the calibration settings in the controller properties pan.

Test for calibration

It is time to test the results once the calibration process is over. You would now want to click on “Test” in the same window you began from (with the “settings” and “test” tabs).

Any gestures or buttons you click will appear on the screen automatically. This is a good way to assess how easily the button register, whether they register, and to notice how close (or far away) the thumb bolt is even 50% after you turn around.

Upon termination, please ensure that you hit submit and you are done before closing the browser.

Game controller  

How to calibrate gaming controller?

An input control or a game control, a gaming control, or a basic control device is used to input a game, usually to control an object or character in the game, using video games or entertainment systems. The plugging of a controller into one of the control ports in a console was the primary way of the seventh generation of video game consoles, but since then wireless controller systems have been substituted, which do not need controller ports on the console but are battery-powered.

It may also be possible to connect the USB game controller to a USB port device. The input of game controllers includes keyboards, mice, gamepads, joysticks, etc. Special purpose gadgets are also game controllers, such as steering wheel for driving games and light weapons for games.

Over the years, game controllers have been developed and modified to be as easy to use. The Microsoft Xbox controller is popular for games because it triggers its shoulder that imitates real triggers such as weapons. Some controllers are better suited to one game, including steering wheels for games or pads for dancing games.

A basic dial and single button were one of the first videogame controllers to handle the Tennis for Two games. Since then, control pads, several buttons, analog sticks, joystick, motion recognition devices, touch screens, and various other characteristics have been built into control pads.


  1. Gamepad
  2. Paddle
  3. Joystick
  4. Trackball
  5. Mouse and Keyboard
  6. Touchscreen
  7. Light gun etc.


You can use the built-in Windows 10 tuning software to make any improvements if you need to have more control over your gamepad. The controls are not too sophisticated but they will support you if you have any big mistake.

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