Can’t Play Your Game Because Of The Binkw32.dll Error? 4 Easy Steps To Fix It





Nothing could be more annoying and frustrating than not being able to play your favorite video game during your short leisure time. Are you seeing the Binkw32.dll error message? Well, then, you are not alone. A lot of windows users have had this error message appearing when they tried to run their games. 

The Binkw32 DLL missing errors can be very frustrating and irritating. Most of the Windows users won’t even know what this error is and what to do to fix this. But, don’t worry. This article will explain to you what is binkw32.dll error and how to fix it.

The binkw32.dll error is associated with the Bink video player software, that was developed by the RAD Games Tools. This software is necessary to play various games on the computer. RAD Games are famous for their video game development tools. And as a matter of fact, RAD Games Tools are used in almost all video games.

The bink video technology is used mainly in games for their graphics technology. It encodes and decodes videos for them.

What is the Binkw32.dll Error Message?

Now that you know what Binkw32 DLL file is used, let us explain to you what is it and why it occurs. Binkw32 DLL file is a component of the bink video codec (coder-decoder). The Binkw32 DLL application is often installed by an application installer such as a game installer or game step file.

Binkw32 DLL errors usually occur when the particular video game you are trying to play is having an issue with the bink video codec. Because of this, the binkw32.dll may disappear from your Windows system. These files are highly used and are being constantly damaged and corrupted. Due to this, they become unreadable by your PC. 

When a video game application requires a binkw32.dll file, your system will check the applications and system folders for the ‘.dll’ file. If the file is missing you may see that an error message appears and the application may not function properly.

Often, when you use a cracked version of the game instead of buying the original CD or DVD of the game, you will see the Binkw32 DLL error message. This error message usually appears at the “procedure entry point” of the game. Your game may use the bink video codec even if you have never installed anything from RAD Game Tools.

Binkw32.dll Error

Binkw32 DLL error messages might show up on your Windows computer in many different ways. Most of the time, it is trying to inform you that you are missing the Binkw32 DLL file from your system or game.

Below, we have listed some of the common variations the “Binkw32 DLL missing” error messages might pop-up on while installing or playing your game.

  1. There was a problem starting binkw32.dll.
  2. The program cannot start because the binkw32.dll is missing from your directory. Try installing the program again.
  3. Error loading binkw32.dll.
  1. The code execution procedure cannot continue because the specified file was not found. Try installing the program again. That may fix this problem.
  2. The binkw32.dll might not be designed to run on Windows. Or it could be even because the file contains an error. Contact your system administrator or the software operator for support or else Try installing the program again and check the binkw32 DLL download.

In most cases, the solution is very easy and simple. Sometimes the only thing you might have to do is to properly install binkw32.dll again in your computer, to the Windows System folder. And in other cases, you will have to reinstall and place the file properly in the game or application installation folder. This usually happens to a few computer games.

How to Fix the Binkw32 DLL Missing Error?

To fix the binkw32.dll error on your computer is very easy and simple. You only need to follow the following steps carefully to fix the issue.

Step 1: Locate the current Binkw32 DLL File

The first thing you need to do is to search and locate the previously installed binkw32 DLL file on your computer. Most of the time, the cause of this error is because your binkw32 DLL file is missing from your PC. To make sure that this is not the problem, you must first find the file and then move it to the application installation folder. In case you don’t find it, then you will have to download it again. Just follow these steps:

  1. Click on the “Start” button. Then go to “Search”.
  2. Type “Binkw32.dll” and then search in the “All Locations and Hard Drives” division.
  3. If you find a search result, then select it and copy it by right-clicking your mouse.
  4. Go to the C drive of your computer. Then click on Windows.
  5. Now, go to the “System32” folder and paste it.
  6. Try using your application again.

But, in case you don’t find the application, in such scenarios, you will have to download binkw32 DLL again.

Step 2: Binkw32 DLL download and place it in the proper location

If step 1 didn’t work for you then, you can install the application. After downloading this file, you should place it in the System32 folder of your WIndows. Placing a new version of this file into that folder must solve this folder. As, when the Windows tries to read the file, it can find it and hence prevent the error.

Step 3: Reinstall the game that is showing the error

Few times, the program or the game you are trying to run might be corrupted or damaged, causing this error to show. If you are worried about the corrupted files damaging your system, then don’t worry. It can be resolved easily by reinstalling the program that is causing the problem in the first place.

To do this just completely uninstall your game. Then, reboot your system and then install it again. This must clear all the corrupted files from the system and then the reinstalled game will work without any obstruction.

Step 4: Scan for Virus

Viruses might also be one of the reasons for this error to appear on the screen of your computer. These errors damage the binkw32.dll file and then make it unreadable for Windows. This can be resolved by scanning your system with an antivirus program that will fix the virus. If you don’t have an antivirus program then you will need to install one.

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