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Although many video conferencing tools were already established years ago, most of them gained popularity during the lockdown. With everything turning online, video conferencing tools play an important part in our day-to-day activity. Let it be attending online classes or giving your final year technical presentation or a very important meeting with a client, having decent virtual convention software is important. While to nail an important client meeting it is important to have a good presentation and result and network. But it is also necessary to have the best video conferencing and virtual meeting platforms. But how will you identify the best video conferencing software? 

The best video convention software will not only provide good audio and video during the meeting. They will also have additional features like chat option, entry to more people, whiteboard, presentation, etc. Most importantly, the best video conferencing and virtual meeting platforms can function all these features for a long time without any glitch. In this article, we will walk you through some of the best online meeting platforms.

Best Video Conferencing And Virtual Meeting Platforms

Here is the list of top video conferencing and virtual meeting platforms to make your live meetings successful:

1. Cisco Webex

What we like about Cisco WebexWhat we don’t like about Cisco Webex
Free plan availableMore expensive on average 
Intuitive interfaceLimited to 10 GB of cloud storage
Powerful application sharing  
whiteboard features 
Cloud recording included 

Cisco Webex is an excellent video convention platform for online teaching, webinars, attending meetings, and remote support. This software features Transport Layer Security, third-party accreditations, encryption, firewall support, single sign-on, and excellent scheduling options. Cisco allows you to add functionalities like training, remote technical support, or webinars. It has a smooth integration with Outlook and supports different platforms like Mac, Windows, Android, and iPads. Some of the features that Cisco Webex include are:

  • Screen sharing is available
  • HD video quality is provided
  • Allows Unlimited meetings
  • It has Cloud recording and storage
  • The free version of this app limits the participants to only two. But the paid version allows between 50  to 1000 participants at once.

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2. Zoom

What we like about ZoomWhat we don’t like about Zoom
Excellent performanceDoes not allow toll-free dial-in numbers for the US or UK
Easy to use softwareMixed track record
Good features for both hosts and participantsCannot add meeting description in the invite
Good track record 

When the lockdown was first introduced, every organization including IT, schools, and colleges rushed towards zoom to conduct online meetings. And zoom became one of the most popular videos conferencing tools. This software is easy to use and boasts many good features. Such as top-notch audio and video quality, instant sharing, screen sharing, etc. Zoom is one of the best online meeting platforms for users who want to simplify and effectively connect with customers and clients remotely. It supports Chrome and Linux OS and has secure socket layer (SSL) encryption securing the communication.

The free version of zoom has only limited features and access. Conference calls have a participant limit of 100 and the call cannot extend beyond 40 minutes. To have access to its advanced features like user management, custom meeting IDs, etc. you will have to subscribe to one of their paid plans. Fortunately, Zoom paid plans are less expensive when compared with other virtual convention tools. Some of the features that Zoom include are:

  • Screen sharing from desktops, tablets, or any mobile devices.
  • HD quality video and audio
  • Access to whiteboard
  • Secure Socket Layer encryption
  • Record meeting option.
  • Access to chat and messaging feature

3. Microsoft Teams

What we like about Microsoft TeamsWhat we don’t like about Microsoft Teams
Highly customizableConcentrates more on Microsoft-centric environment 
Highly integrated with other Microsoft applicationsA compartmentalized design of the application.
Includes Microsoft 365 business accounts 

Microsoft Teams is another best video conferencing software available. Teams integrate with Microsoft Office applications like Word and SharePoint and it is easy to use. Microsoft has designed Teams to give consistent efficiency and collaboration. 

Microsoft Teams provides all basic functions like other video conferencing tools like high-quality audio and video, screen sharing, chatting, messages, etc. it also allows its users to launch online meetings directly from their chat. Teams support various platforms like windows, android, and iOS. The paid version of this app gives access to advanced features. Some of the features that Microsoft Teams include are:

  • Web-version of Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • Easy file storage and sharing
  • Allows up to 300 users
  • Full-time phone and web support

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4. Go ToMeeting

What we like about GoToMeetingWhat we don’t like about GoToMeeting
Solids feature setThe UI design lags in the desktop version
A large number of participants per planLacks translation to other languages for transcription
Supports all platformsBackground blurring requires a separate application
Has smart assistant 
Has unlimited cloud recording 

Go ToMeeting is one of the best online meeting platforms ever made. Even though it doesn’t dominate the virtual convention platforms, it remains on the list of best video conferencing tools with amazing features. Go ToMeeting is easy to use and has user-friendly software. It has features like “raise a hand” and allows unlimited video meetings. It secures its meeting with end-to-end encryption. This app provides a two-week free trial after which you will have to subscribe for its paid versions. Depending upon the type of plan you buy it allows 10 to 250 participants. However, in a free trial, a maximum of 3 participants are allowed. Some of the features that GoToMeeting include are:

  • Full-time customer care
  • HD quality video
  • Unlimited meetings
  • Supports screen sharing from different platforms
  • Chatting and messaging
  • Security

5. BlueJeans Meetings

What we like about BlueJeans MeetingsWhat we don’t like about BlueJeans Meetings
Dolby sound-enabled rooms and hardwareDoes not support file sharing 
Quality and feedback statisticsNo meeting recording
Supports desktop, and mobile platforms 

BlueJeans Meetings focus on instant connections using mobile or desktop apps or even using the browser. This app provides end-to-end encryption security to its users’ meetings. BlueJeans Meetings stands out from the rest of the video conferencing tools with its excellent features. This app’s meeting is powered by Dolby Voice. That means it will cancel out background noise during the meetings. It also integrates with hardware-based conference room systems like Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Facebook Workplace. Some of the features that BlueJeans Meetings include are:

  • Whiteboard
  • Screen sharing
  • High-quality video
  • Top-notch audio with Dolby Voice.

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