How is Augmented Reality Reshaping Travel and Tourism? 3 AR Apps To Try





Anything that technology touches make it innovative and easy to access. Everyone loves travelling. For a very long time, there has not been much advancement in this sector until augmented reality made its way into the tourism industry. Have you ever wondered what Augmented reality (AR) is and how it is reshaping travel and tourism? Augment means to add or enhance something. Augmented reality camouflages digital information over an existing reality. It is easing the design journey and boosting travel experiences for tourists. This is why Augmented Reality in the travel and tourism industry has been a quantum leap.

Benefits Of Augmented Reality Technology

Here are some of the main advantages of augmented reality technology:

  • Eliminating language barriers

The Travel and tourism sector has been rising over the years. More and more youngsters and adults are opting for exploring new cultures and places. Tourists for the most part play a particularly major role in contributing revenue to the travel and tourism sector. In a country like India with large diversity tourists usually face trouble with language. Even in countries like Japan, Korea, where English is not the official language. Language seems to be a primary hurdle they face. For instance, a French traveler will find it hard to communicate in Japan.

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One benefit of augmented reality technology is that it can easily lift this barrier through real-time translation. An AR-based travel app development can get this job done easily.

  • Safety of travelers

A lot of travelers are most probably visiting a destination for the first time. And along with excitement, even paranoia surrounds them. Safety will be a priority for anyone. It is a huge concern for tourists from different locations of the world, especially solo travelers.

One way to ensure the safety of travelers can be by giving them real-time information on crime-prone areas. This can be easily achieved with the help of augmented reality. In addition to this AR can provide emergency services in the vicinity, administrative offices, police stations, and more.

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  • Immersive navigation

Few travelers are immersed in the beauty and culture of a new place. This often leads to them getting lost in an unknown location and not knowing how to get back. But this can be avoided with the help of Augmented reality. Travelers can download AR-based maps of their destinations on their devices. They can even use immersive navigation systems to navigate through cities and avenues and ensure a safe yet thrilling city adventure. However, effective travel app development is required.

  • Discovering and tours cities

It is a fact that the best way to explore a city is by making use of public transportation. You might be able to get to know the local hidden gem that cannot be found on any map. Public transportation is even the primary choice of few travelers to visit local places of interest. When Augmented reality tech is made use of and implemented through apps, travelers can have an advanced solution to find out such spots. They can even easily find out popular city destinations, public transportation schedules, nearest stations or stops, carpooling facilities, and more. They can also experience how a place looked like in ancient times using AR tech.

  • Enriching experiences at museums

Museums are treasure chests of information. If you are keen to know how a place was like in the past, how people lived there, then the best place to visit would be a museum. But most travelers do not get to experience museums to their fullest as they face several hurdles. Such as lack of a guide, language barrier, overcrowded museums, and more.

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Travel-management software powered by Augmented Reality, can enhance the experiences at museums. For instance, real-time videos, using holograms, stories, and more about an exhibit. In short, giving a “Night at the Museum” film touch. Through interactive content, visitors can witness the glorious history of a country, wars, floods, and revolutions before their eyes.

Augmented Reality: Reshaping The Tourism Industry

Augmented reality can give an advanced upgrade to the travel and tourism division. It eases the planning journey and boosts travel experiences. Although it has not been accessed completely, however, few mobile apps are creating lasting travel experiences.

1. Apple Map

Apple iOS 11 users can access apple maps, and explore the cities in3D view with its flyover option. Navigating with this feature gives the same experience as viewing a 360-degree video. That means you will be able to change your point of view by walking around. You can decide which place to visit next using the flyover mode at home. The flyover mode of Apple Map integrates with AR reality to enable users to take a walk through the city while at home.

2. App in the Air

The “App in the Air” is a travel planning app that is easing the quest of finding flights for its users. This app is more like a personal flying assistant that keeps you up-to-date with various flight details and tips. Such as real-time status, airport tips and in-airport navigation map, and more. Through this app you can view a plane seat at its true scale, thus enabling you to make better booking decisions. The augmented view of the inside of a flight will also help to directly compare your carry-on luggage to the permitted size.

3. Wikitude

Wikitude will let you see more than what your eyes can capture. This app enables its users to locate restaurants, stores, and other places nearby. Wikitude will allow you to figure out directions and orientations when in a big city far easier than the traditional GPS. Using this location-based augmented reality app, you can recognize interesting places around a place to visit. To do so you only have to point it in the desired direction. Wikitude also works on iOS and Android devices.

Final Words

Augmented reality in the travel and tourism industry is already enhancing travel experiences with innovative mobile apps. Moreover, the security and safety it can provide to travellers will boost the travel industry further. With much more research and development, we can hope to see some amazing advancements in the industry and also some cool apps.

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