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Instagram is the popular social media platform owned by Facebook that allows people to follow, message and connect with others, upload videos or photos with filters, share stories, etc. 

The main aim of Instagram is to allow socializing but not at the cost of your interests and privacy hence many check mechanisms such as options to hide your story or block people with whom you no longer want to connect are available. 

In this article, we would look in detail at blocking people and finding whether you are blocked on Instagram.

What does blocking someone means on Instagram

When you block someone on Instagram, you can no longer interact with them, and neither can they. The features that the block option holds are:

  • If you share or post privately, then the blocked person cannot access it whereas if it is shared publicly, they can.
  • Once blocked, all the likes and comments posted by the blocked person would disappear. These won’t retrieve even when you unblock them.
  • Even if you like the post of the blocked person, it wouldn’t be accounted for.
  • After you have blocked someone on Instagram, your account would appear non-existing to them.
  • The blocked person cannot reach you even if you both have common or, mutual friends on Instagram.
  • You would be removed from the follower list of the blocked person.
  • You can also block an account that is not following you on Instagram.


  • Any notification about you blocking them or any warning regarding them wouldn’t be provided to the account you blocked.
  • Hence, the only way that they would find out about being blocked is when they notice a lack of updates or not being able to contact you.

Now that you know the result of blocking someone on Instagram, let us check out how to block an account! 

Block an Instagram account

To block someone on Instagram follow these steps:

  • Open and sign-in to your Instagram account.
  • Search the account you want to block.
  • After opening the profile of the account you want to block, click on the ‘three horizontal dots’ on the top right corner.
  • Select the ‘Block’ option from the dialog box.
  • Confirm by pressing ‘Block’ again.

Read further to know about tips to find out whether someone else has blocked you on Instagram. 

Have you been blocked on Instagram

It is very easy to block someone on Instagram but to check if someone blocked you on Instagram you can use some of the tips given here as there is no particular procedure or option to find out.

1. User Not Found

The first tip would be to search for the profile from your account that you suspect has blocked you.

  • If you cannot find their account through search then it indicates that you are blocked.
  • To ensure this, try accessing or, reaching out to their account from an old comment, like, or conversation.
  • If the profile shows ‘This account is private’, then it means you have been blocked or they have converted their account private and removed you as a follower.

2. No Posts Yet

If you find ‘No Posts Yet’ appearing on their profile even though the number of posts mentioned is not zero, then it means you are blocked.

To check this follow these steps:

  • Try opening the profile of the user you want to check through search or old conversations.
  • Check the number of posts mentioned. If it’s more than zero but the page still shows ‘No posts yet’ then you have been blocked.

3. Searching The Profile On Web

  • Search for the profile on the web through the Instagram website.
  • For this type the username of the account after typing
  • If the message stating the account doesn’t exist, it means that either you have been blocked or the particular account has been deleted.

4. Ask A Friend

This is an easy trick to find out whether you have been blocked on Instagram.

  • Check the profile of the person you want to check from another account. This is possible if the user has a public profile.
  • In the case of a private profile, you can check through the account of any mutual friends.
  • If the account is visible from other accounts but not yours, then you have been blocked.

5. Through Old Conversations

  • If someone has blocked you then try checking your previous chats or conversations on Instagram from their DM(Direct Message) option, in profile.
  • If you can find the old chats then you aren’t blocked and if not, you are.
  • To confirm, try checking the member’s information in group chats in which both of you are present. If you find the user in that group but nowhere else, then you are blocked.

6. Following The User Again

This can be followed if no other trick helped in checking if someone blocked you on Instagram.

  • If you can somehow access their profile through your account, then try following them again by clicking on ‘Follow’.
  • If nothing happens after hitting ‘Follow’ and it doesn’t change to “requested’ or ‘Following’, then you can confirm that you have been blocked.
  • Your follow request won’t be notified to the account user.

7. Mentioning A Person

On Instagram, you can mention a person’s username in the comment section, on stories, etc. to tag them and notify them that you have mentioned them.

  • If you are blocked then you cannot mention the person who has blocked you.
  • So, try mentioning the person whom you suspect to have blocked you to check it.

Now that we know, how to check if someone blocked you on Instagram, let us get to know more about this ‘Block’ feature and what else can it be used for.

  • If you want to unblock a person you can follow these steps:
    1. Open your Instagram profile.
    2. Click on the three horizontal dots at the top corner.
    3. Select ‘Settings’.
    4. Scroll down to ‘Privacy’.
    5. Click on the ‘Blocked Accounts’.
    6. Select the account you want to unblock.
    7. On being directed to their profile, click on the unlock button on their page.
    8. Then select the ‘Unblock’ option.
  • Do you want to unblock someone but you are not able to find their profile, even though they have not deactivated their account?
    1. This means that the person whom you had blocked has blocked you back!
    2. To verify this, do follow the above-mentioned tricks.
  • If both of you, who have blocked each other want to unblock then use this trick as it would be difficult to find each other on Instagram.
    1. Open your ‘Direct Messages’ page.
    2. Type and search for the username of that person and send a message (even though you know that the message won’t reach them).
    3. Select the information option at the top right corner.
    4. Click on ‘Unblock’.
    5. As you have unblocked the person, your username would be in their block list. That person can further unblock you!

Hence, we have successfully covered all the options on how to check if someone blocked you on Instagram. Hope this helped you in finding a way to know that you are blocked on Instagram or block and unblock someone on it.

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