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The Apple Watch is a great smartwatch, but it’s not the best timepiece. While Apple does provide rudimentary date and time widgets, you might want to create your own Apple Watch complications (customization) that go well with your setup. Complications are one of the ways you can customize your Watch face (in addition to choosing from a multitude of designs and colors). Complications display information from apps and can be directly added to Watch faces. Some basic examples include the date, weather, and battery life. 

Take the Infographic watch face, for example. It’s probably the best Apple Watch face because you get to use eight complications at the same time and it shows the time in analog. But if you want to see the time in a digital format, you can only put it in one place, and even then, it shows the seconds count as well (which can be quite distracting). 

Adding complications to a Watch face is a convenient way to view the information you’re looking for with just a quick glance at your Apple Watch. Additionally, you can have multiple Watch faces on your device, each with different combinations of complications to best suit your needs for specific activities.

For example, we have a Modular watch face (which has five complication slots) that displays the date, weather, and battery life, plus shortcuts to the Activity and Heart Rate apps; and an Activity watch face (which has three complication slots, of which we’ve opted to use just one) that displays my activity progress both numerically and visually (by the degree to which each ring is closed), with a shortcut to the Workout app.

Apple Watch complications

Apple Watch complications are a great way to see a variety of information at a glance—and your App Store apps can have complications of their very own, too. That means you can not only keep up on all your information right on the watch face, but you can launch directly into your favorite apps with just a tap! By default, third-party apps that support complications will automatically appear in your list of options. If the list starts to get too long, though, you can remove some of them.

  1. Launch the Watch app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap Complications under the My Watch tab. Choose Edit in the upper right corner of the screen.
  3. Tap the minus button (-) on the left, next to the app you want to remove from the list.
  4. Select Remove.
  5. Choose Done when finished.
  6. To add a complication back in, follow the steps above, but instead tap the plus button (+) on the left next to the app under Do not include.

How to create date and time compilations for apple watch?

Features as of right now:

  • Choose a date and/or digital time complication for your Apple Watch
  • Enable AM/PM on digital time complication
  • Change the color (where available) for both the date and the digital time Apple Watch complications
  • Change the date format from default options, or specify a custom format
  • Use multiple Apple Watch complications at the same time
  • Support for all complication styles, including new Series 4 ones
  • More coming soon.

The Apple Watch benefits from a bumper selection of apps, which extend its array of features beyond the standard watch OS experience. From niche sports tracking to wrist-based extensions of your favourite travel, mapping and productivity apps, the Apple Watch is the best smartwatch when it comes to third party apps. And now Apple has now made it even easier, with the on-watch App Store. We’ve put together our list of the best Apple Watch apps out there, and broken it down into the 10 essential apps everyone should be downloading, to our top picks for all occasions. 

A few vital information that is gathered from the Apps will be displayed on your watch face is referred to as Apple Watch complications. Different Apple watch products and different watch faces will support various size complications, which are specially built by the App developers. There are some of the more creative, best, and more interesting complications that are available from the Apple Watch.

1. Dark Sky

The native weather app provided by Apple is not sufficient and need to use a third-party alternative application like Dark Sky. It is fantastic, precise about the predictions, and a beautiful Apple Watch compilation. It lets you view the current temperature, the sunset time, and today’s highest and lowest temperature right from your wrist. 

2. MLB at Bat

The premier compilation allows for following your desired football team which is referred to as MLB’s At Bat complication. It is updated with quick game info access, providing scores, and Series 4 faces. This complication is available with multiple size spots on numerous faces and perfectly they work. 

3. Activity Tracker

Apple watch becomes the most selling product because of fitness tracking capabilities. It is not much easier for any other complication to show your step count on the watch face. However, this gap was filled by an app.

Activity Tracker as a complication inputs the information from the Apple Health App and showcase the step count. It works like a real game-changer and helps you to achieve a specific step goal and monitors the real-time progress during the workout process. You have the option to display floors climbed, active time, distance, and calories.

4. Battery Phone

You can make use of the Apple Watch complication with the help of best apps to check the iPhone’s battery and the best suggested is Battery Phone. Apple Watch complication has two versions: small and large versions. It displays both the Apple Watch’s battery and as well as the iPhone’s battery. Under the App Store, you cannot easily find this battery life app.

Most of them prefer to use the smaller version because it displays both iPhone and Apple watch with its time consumption. The interface seems to be ugly and for every 30 minutes, you can receive the updates.

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