What You Need To Know About Apple Airpods Max Battery Drain Issue?





Following the reports by users of MacBook Pro facing an unusual charging issue, users of Apple AirPods Max are now facing excessive drainage of battery when the wireless headphones are not put in use. The problem remains even when the headphones are kept in their not-so-smart case. They range from Apple Airpods Max battery drain to unusual degradation of them.

What are Airpods?

Apple’s AirPods are its wireless headphones that aim to deliver a unique experience. With the help of W1 chip and then later the H1 chip, these pair of wireless earphones have offered seamless pairing with the iOS devices and a robust Bluetooth connection to minimize interruptions.

● They are truly wireless and are Bluetooth earbuds

● Apple’s W1 chip in original and H1 in second-generation

●There is a “Hey Siri” functionality available

● It has about five hour listening time

● It has a charging case that gives 24 hours of listening time

● It also includes Spatial Audio update with iOS 14

● There is an automatic device switching with iOS 14

● It’s Starting price is at $159

Apple has bet on the future being entirely wireless, and the Apple’s AirPods are the surest sign of that bet. The company has introduced the audio accessories after ditching the 3.5-millimetre headphone jack on the iPhone.

The AirPods brand has evolved to become more than just its wireless earbuds. Leaks and rumours report that the name could soon encompass all of the company’s wearable audio devices.

What makes the device an “AirPod” is its Apple-first design and the vertical integration of hardware and software system to give their users the best experience. The H1 chip means a better battery life of the device, the “Hey Siri” support, better connectivity with devices and low latency, and operating system specific integrations in the software.

When the device is paired with an iOS or iPadOS device, there are some special controls available like switching between the Active Noise Cancelling and Transparency option.

AirPods Pricing

Apple’s AirPods with a standard charging case cost around $159. The version that has a wireless charging case cost $199, while the AirPods Max Pro ring up for $249. 

Battery Drainage Issue With Airpods Max

Now, if you know that there has been some confusion about how Airpods Max saves battery power to deliver the claimed 20 hours of listening time, ever since Apple released its premium-category AirPods Max. So, Apple swooped into an explanation of the working of the low-power mode and ultra-low-power mode on a dedicated support page following the launch of that device in the market.

However, Apple AirPods Max Users Facing Excessive Battery Drain issues have now taken to Apple forums and Reddit to report the problem even when the device is left idle or inside its smart case. As a result, some of the users are claiming that their headphones are going from full battery level to 1% overnight.

Let us check out one of the complaints:

I have been using my AirPods Max headphones since Launch Day, over the last few days I’ve been running into some severe battery drainage issues with them.

For instance, last night, I took my headphones out of the case, and they were charged with 85% battery, I used them for about 15 minutes and put them back into the case.

This morning I received a notification on my iPhone that there was only 5% left on the headphones. I was not even attempting to connect to the headphones, I was air playing to the HomePod in my room. Strangely, the AirPod Max’s were not even awake as they were inside the smart case.. anyone else is experiencing problems like this?

Apple Inc has not responded to these problems which started getting logged on the internet a month ago. However, a possible reason behind excessive Apple AirPods Max Battery Drain has been attributed to pairing the device with Apple TV. Restoring the headphones and connecting it to any other Apple device was found to rectify the bug.

Moreover, it is worth mentioning that these pairs of headphones do not come with a dedicated power button. So, there is no way for the Airpods max users to manually turn off the headphones. You can’t just simply turn on the low-power or ultra-low-power mode and it activates automatically.

Now, following the certain reports, some of the users have mentioned that this can be a software issue, and resetting the AirPods Max might help to fix the battery drain issues. As a result, a simple reset can fix your expensive Apple headphones and prevent the Apple Airpods Max Battery Drain.

Till the time Apple Inc confirms this problem and sends a fix, we recommend you to carry out a factory reset by starting with a force restart and disable automatic switching.

How to fix Apple airpods battery drain issue?

If you want to fix the Apple airpods battery drain issue, then we have mentioned a fix below for you. 

  • To force Restart the headphones you should continue to press and hold the Digital Crown and noise control button simultaneously.
  • Now, you are required to wait till an orange light beeps up. Now, the AirPods Max earphones are getting restarted.
  • You need to continue to hold the buttons until the white light flashes. A factory reset is then completed after an orange light makes way for white light.
  • Now, you are supposed to disconnect Airpods Max manually after via Bluetooth settings,
  • Then keep the option of automatic switching by the device disabled.
  • Now, you should use the pair with only one device till a permanent fix is released by Apple.

The main aim of the factory reset is to disconnect AirPods Max headphones from the iCloud profile and re-pair them with the iPhone. The solution has been found to work for some of the users.

AirPods Max headphones are one of the most expensive pairs of headphones we’ve ever used and they sound fantastic. We have not faced any weird battery drain issues with our unit yet and you can read our review of the headphones right here. We will keep an eye on this problem, so stay tuned for more information on the same.

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