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AntiX Linux is one of the Linux distributions which has been built on Debian stable. The reason it has been a hit in the market is its capacity to offer an uninterrupted and solid operating system, which to this moment no other Linux community has ever offered. It might not offer you an attractive and appealing interface like other operating systems based on Linux or Windows but it surpasses all other operating systems when it comes to performance and reliability. 

As the majority of us are users of Windows or macOS, we have noticed the lag and unseen breakdowns while working on heavy projects. Nevertheless, this is not the case with AntiX Linux as it provides its users with uninterrupted and distraction-free computing experience. But, if we say that is not quite visually appealing, it does not mean that it consists of an uneasy user interface. Rather, it has an easy appearance with an uncomplicated approach and very user-friendly. 

Another reason that makes AntiX Linux worth the hype and a most recommended option among other operating systems and specifically among other Linux distributions are that it makes your old Linux hardware active and usable again. As every Linux operating system makes use of different hardware with its newer version, AntiX Linux gives you an innovative approach to make your computers active again and runs well with your older hardware and computers without any problem.  

AntiX Linux Review

Here are some of the AntiX Linux reviews that will make its features clearer.

  1. The number reason for the success of AntiX Linux is the desktop environment that we mentioned earlier. It is extremely fast even when you want to run it in a virtual box and also has a Window manager that helps in performing your day-to-day tasks on the distro.
  2. The latest release of the ‘Hannie Schaft’ in AntiX Linux has come with bug fixes and improvements in the workings of AntiX Linux and offers running on RunIt init system as well.

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The antiX Flavors comes in four versions and is available in 34 bit and 64-bit architecture, without system.

  1. The antiX Linux full version comes with some pre-installed software so that you don’t go through it manually which is both time and energy-consuming. It has 4 window managers namely iceWM, Fluxbox, jwm and herbsluftwm.
  2. The AntiX core is the core of the AntiX Linux operating system. There is no window manager, UEFI support, or encryption and most of it is wireless.
  3. The base of AntiX Linux also has an AntiX base that too is included with the AntiX flavor.
  4. Another feature is the AntiX core which is smaller and does not have a GUI installer without any UEFI support or X, supports no encryption and is wireless. Now if you want to build your distro you can use AntiX core for it.

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Default Applications That Come With AntiX Linux

Another thing that has led to many positive AntiX Linux reviews is that the frequently used applications come downloaded with it.  For example, it has ROX-Filer pre-installed for file management, firefox downloaded for web surfing, the Claws Mail for your e-mail and firejail for securing and protecting the system from virus attacks.  

Besides having these applications, there are also AntiX tools for configuring and managing your desktop efficiently. Here are some of the tools that are included in the AntiX Linus operating system:

  • AntiX updater
  • AntiX user manager
  • Chroot rescue scan
  • CLI Apt-based package manager
  • Command-line control centre
  • Format USB
  • IceWM toolbar icon manager
  • Live-USB Kernel Updater
  • Live USB Maker
  • Personal Menu Editor

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How To Install AntiX Linux On Your Laptop Or PC?

Now, you must be thinking about how to install AntiX Linux on your laptop or PC and just need a guide. Here are a few simple, quick and easy steps to install AntiX Linux on your computer. But before that, let us review our requirements for the process:

  1. A USB flash drive or a blank CD/DVD if your computer is old and does not have a USB port.
  2. Access to the internet to download images either antiX 16.1_386-full.iso or antiX-16.1_x64-full.iso.
  3. A 32 or a 64-bit computer.

Here are the steps to install AntiX on your laptop:

  1. Burn the image downloaded to your CD or USB drive and reboot your computer and an AntiX welcome screen will appear.
  2. There will be four options shown, choose the first one that will boot live session for you to try.
  3. An install option will pop up with sources to the respiratory channels. Select the one you wish to install.
  4. In the next window, you will get an introduction to the selected respiratory channel. Click next.
  5. Choose the installation type that you want and then click.
  6. A new window of installation progress will come up and after it is done, click on the next window and choose the destination of where you want to install GRUB.
  7. Next up is setting up of timezone and locale.
  8. After this, you will be asked to create a user id, password and root password.

And you are done with the installing process and ready to use the Antix Linux operating system on your computer. 

Antix Linux vs MX Linux

Now let us look at the two most popular distros and learn about some major similarities and differences. 

  1. The basic difference between the two is that MX Linux is for beginners who want portable USB distro whereas Antix Linux is for intermediates who want a lightweight USB portable distro.
  2. The expertise level needed in MX Linux is beginners and in Antix Linux is intermediate and above.
  3. Mx Linux is used in a workstation whereas Antix Linux can be used for your older hardware.
  4. They both have excellent software supports.
  5. Mx Linux has a midweight hardware resources needs and Antix Linux lightweight hardware resources.
  6. There is no paid support community in AntiX Linux but it is present in MX Linux.
  7. In terms of stability, both of them work the same.
  8. The release cycles are also the same for both of them: once a year.

Here is all you needed to know about AntiX Linux. Hope the article helped you. 

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