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The files deleted from your Android device are not completely deleted or erased from the device. They remain in the smartphone’s storage until it is overwritten or replaced with some new data. Learn here about android file shredder. This means that if you or someone else wanted to retrieve a deleted file from the Android device, it is possible. This privacy concern has been debated until the Android 6 versioned devices, the later released devices had encryption enabled by default.

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However, users are still concerned as the case of a privacy breach or someone accessing their sensitive files by retrieving them is quite disturbing. In this article, we are going to focus on one effective solution to fight against such insecurities by deleting the files completely using an Android file shredder. We will also discuss the various options available for this purpose along with some of the best Android file shredders.

Deleting A File In Android Devices

To understand the uses of a file shredder and its importance, let us discuss the process of deleting a file in an Android device and what happens to it once the user clicks the delete option. Even though one can simply delete media like photos or video from the respective applications, it is not a safe approach as there’s always a trace of data left within the application regarding what has been done with the file.

For example, even after deleting a -photo from Google photos, it is stored for 60 days after which it is automatically deleted. So it is always better to use the file manager as the one-stop platform to manage all your data and media. There are several file managers available for Android devices from which a suitable one can be selected. Once the file is deleted, it would be moved to trash, so to delete a file immediately one must clear it out from the trash too. File shredders are used for the same purpose, that is to delete files completely from the device. Let us check out some of the best file shredders for Android devices.

File Shredder For Android

An Android file shredder is the digital form of the real or physical shredder used to shred unwanted documents into thin slices of paper that can neither be read by others nor can be used by them. Digital shredding is the process that ensures that the memory addresses of the files are jumbled into unreadable formats instead of just getting rid of their memory addresses. This is the best tool to ensure that the data retrieval chances are very low and the number of times of over-writing process can also be decided based on the random characters assigned by changing the number of ‘cycles’ or ‘pass’.

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1. Data Eraser CB


Data shredder is a digital shredding tool designed for Android devices. This is one of the safe and secured tools designed by a German-based company called cb innovations whose major domain is related to creating luxurious mobile products and accessories. Let us check out the steps to shred a file, that is to make it unreadable and non-retrievable on your Android device using this tool.

  • Step 1

Download and install the tool on your Android device. Click here to download this shredder from the Playstore. Now, from the home screen, tap Freespace and click on the internal storage. 

  • Step 2

Press on the ‘Continue’ option and select the shredding algorithm. The process might be slow but is highly effective as the NATO standard and BSU TL-0342 function such that they are most efficient as about seven to eight cycles or passes are performed respectively.

  • Step 3

Now, confirm the shredding process and wait until the entire file is shredded. The phone’s performance might be affected while shredding and the process can be canceled or stopped anytime by the user.

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2. Shreddit

The Shreddit tool is one of the best data erasing tools available for Android users as it can be used to delete files without leaving behind any trace of the file hence removing the chance of recovery. The data is completely deleted and huge volumes can be wiped out within a few seconds. This tool is designed to delete the files efficiently on the internal storage of the device as well as the external storage. The tool has optimized window sizes for reliable erasing of the data. Another advantage of this tool is that it has high integration with the file manager of the device. The preview of the media files can be viewed to see the content properly and ensure that the right data is being erased securely. 

3. Secure erase with iShredder 6


Secure erase with iShredder 6 is one of the most powerful data erasers to shred the data or permanently delete the data completely. The methods followed by this software are certified to delete all the files, folders, data, contacts, videos, photos, etc. once and forever. Click here to download and install this tool on your device. The user can also ‘Wipe’ and erase the free space once the file has been shredded. The shredding process with this tool is secured as the deletion techniques are compliant with the European privacy legislation. This can be used to delete all the passwords, sensitive documents, etc. such that they cannot be retrieved as the free space blocks are completely wiped off unlike being vulnerable until being replaced by other data, which is the scenario in case of traditional deletion in Android devices.

Some of the other file shredders for Android devices include:

  • True shredder
  • Andro shredder
  • SDelete – File Shredder

In this article, we have covered everything about Android file shredder, its uses, and some of the best options available for the same. Hope this article was useful for you to delete the files safely by digitally shredding them.

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