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Android 11 is the latest and the most updated version of all the Android operating systems to date. It was launched by Google on the 8th of September on pixel phones. 

The phones accordant to Android 11 include:

  • Google Pixel 2/ 2 XL
  • Google Pixel 3/ 3 XL
  • Google Pixel 3a/ 3a XL
  • Google Pixel 4/ 4 XL
  • Google Pixel 4a/ 4a 5G
  • Google Pixel 5
  • Xiaomi MI 10/ MI 10 pro

Android 11 Features

Here are all the features of Android 11 

1. The Built-In Screen Recorder

Android 11 has come up with a built-in screen recording system. It ensures the easy affable control system in the phone to create video recordings of the screen present in front of you/your phone screen. It even allows you to record the sound of your phone which is one of the best features for making short videos like those of TikTok, etc. The Android 11 sharing functions have seen wide reach-out to apps which allows the simple copying and pasting of images from one app to the other.

2. The New Tab for Conversations

Unlike the other Android versions, a notification bar in Android 11 is split into two parts- “notifications” and “conversations” tab. These conversations include chat notifications from chatting apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, etc which grab the highest attention of the phone users. It consists of the enhanced “bubble” feature, where you can now easily pin-up your important chats. Ultimately the chat becomes easily accessible.

3. The Improvement in the Gboard: the default Android keyboard

The Gboard is now capable of filling forms automatically with the pertinent information as it presently does in Chrome. This fills up the forms with the information that we frequently used to fill out forms.

4. Smart Home Devices and the Media Controls

The new updated Android 11 is now bagged with the functions for smart home devices. It is capable to handle and control all kinds of internet-of-things devices that are connected to the phones and have easy access to the menu bar with a simple long press on the power button. It can even control the NFC bank cards. The android 11 version has come up with a do-not-disturb feature for the bed-time mode that creates a black and white screen for the users using their phones at night ensuring the protection of their vision.

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It has now made it easy to play music from the other devices connected to the phone. It is embedded with new media control systems for connected devices like Bluetooth speakers or other such devices.

5. TheAndroid Auto’

It also has the ‘Android Auto’ for the cars which work wirelessly so that now you do not have to swindle with wires anymore. Moreover, even after turning on the airplane mode, you will stay connected to the Bluetooth device to which you were connected before switching on the airplane mode, hence reducing the work of reconnecting it again.

6. Enhanced Accessibility

Google now improved the voice access feature on Android 11. It has got much easier and faster to use. And the most amazing thing about it is that- it is now available offline as well. So now to access this feature, we do not have to stay connected to any internet network.

7. Braille Keyboard

Android 11 has come up with the new feature of braille keyboard with which it’s now easy to write even the Braille messages without having to buy any software separately.

8. The Lookout App

The lookout app has now made it possible to scan the documents or the food labels which made it easy for the poor vision people to read the documents clearly and see what’s there in their food.

9. Automatic Prediction Tools

Android 11 can easily sort the like folders, apps, and files automatically by predicting the product tools, etc. It also gives suggestions about the apps by predicting the frequency of certain tasks performed by the user.

10. Privacy and Security

Android 11 has brought some changes in the ‘app permission’ settings. Instead of granting the location permission for “all the time”, it now has an option called “only while using the app” on a one-off basis.

Android 11 Review: Android 11 Vs Android 10

Here is the detailed review of Android 11

What’s new in Android 11

The new features of Android 11 are-

According to Joe Hindy, Android 11 brings a fistful of bigger features as well as a spray of smaller twitches, changes, and additions. Most of the bigger Android 11 features whirl around the three concepts- People, privacy, and controls.

Android 11 (Go edition)

Besides the customary release of the Android 11 version, Google has also announced the ‘Go edition’ of Android 11. This version presents some new features of the standard/customary release, inclusive of ‘Conversations’, and also initiates things like ‘gesture navigation’ and ‘Safe Folder’ contained in the files app to protect files using a password.

What does Google say about it

Google affirms that this version refines the app launch up to 20 percent over the preceding update. Although you will require a device with 2 GB memory, which is now also being assisted with this update. We didn’t possess a ‘Go edition’ device with us to test these changes.

Hinge Angle Sensor and Foldable

Android 11 made it possible for the apps running on devices with hinge-based screen configurations to discover the angle of the hinge by supplying a new sensor with ‘Type Hinge Angle’, and a new sensor event which is capable of monitoring the hinge angle and furnishes with a measurement in degrees between two fundamental parts of the device. And these raw measurements can be used to enact gritty animations as the user operates the device.

New Authentication types

Android 11 establishes the ‘Biometric Manager Authenticators’ interface, which can be used to proclaim the kinds of authentication that your app bears.

Secure and Reliable Sharing of Large Datasets

In some circumstances such as those involving machine learning or media playback, your app might perhaps wish to use the same large dataset as another app. In the preceding versions of Android, the app and the same kind of another app, would each require to download the copy of the same dataset separately.

To help in reducing the data redundancy both over the network and on disk, Android 11 permits these large datasets to get cached on the device using ‘shared data blobs’. Hence, this makes it more secure to share the late datasets.

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This article deals with the latest and convenient technological features of the Android 11 version that has come up with more refined and defining features than the previous android versions. Hope this article helps you to understand the latest technologies used in Android 11 and to understand the differences between this new android version 11 and the preceding android versions (android 11 Vs android 10)!

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