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In a time when most of the data is saved in the form of digital media i.e. either photos or videos, then storing them is the second important issue that we care about after their creation. This article is about amazon photos vs Google photos. Like you need a hard disk to store all your data on your computer to save yourself from any mishap and lose all data, similarly, you need an online space to store all your photos and videos in one place without the fear of loss or theft. 

Even though we can use hard disks for storing our photos, it will become an entirely different, tiring and long procedure to it. Therefore, the best option to save the photos is to find a platform that automatically updates your photos and saves them without you needing to do it manually. Amazon Prime Photos and Google photos are the two best options that provide you with cloud storage for photos. Now, the question arises regarding which of them is better for storing photos and why. Therefore, to answer this question, let us have a detailed look over the features of each of them and evaluate which one is suitable for your need: Amazon Prime photos vs Google photos. 

Amazon Photos Vs Google Photos

Let us take a look at different aspects to consider the better option for us between amazon photos vs Google photos and help you pick between the biggest names for cloud storage. 

Amazon Prime photos vs Google photos: Storage 

Let us start with the most important feature that everyone looks for while searching for the best storage option, i.e. the storage capacity of the platform. Earlier, Google photos offered free storage to all its users but this year, from June 2021, it will only offer 15 GB of space for each Gmail account. Therefore, if you want to make avail of this offer, make sure you install the application now and upload all the high-resolution pictures before June 1, 2021. Google photos offer storage plans from 10 TB, 20 TB and 30 TB for business entities that are to be paid monthly. Talking of Amazon Prime regarding the storage, if you are an Amazon Prime member then you will get unlimited full-resolution photo storage and 5GB of video storage. Not only this, but prime members also get to invite their five friends and family to avail the unlimited storage option. 

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Amazon Prime photos vs Google photos: Price 

The membership rates also differ for each of the applications. The Google one membership has the following plans: 

  • 100 GB: $19.99 per year
  • 200 GB: $29.99 per year
  • 2 TB: $99.99 per year

On the other hand, Amazon Prime charges 119 $ per year and here are its yearly plans: 

  • 100 GB — $19.99 per year
  • 1 TB — $59.99 per year
  • 2 TB — $119.98 per year

Amazon Prime photos vs Google photos: Editing features 

One cannot vouch for the excellence of these platforms in terms of photo editing, but they both do a fair job in photo editing too. In Google Photos, you can make small adjustments to your photos like correcting the saturation, exposure, contrast, etc. The editing part is quite user-friendly and more or less has editing features like Instagram. On the other hand, Amazon Prime has more advanced editing options as compared to the Google one. Along with making adjustments like exposure, saturation, etc., there are 30 filters that you can use for editing your photos. 

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Amazon Prime photos vs Google photos: apps

Now the majority of the photos are saved on our smartphones, therefore it is easier for us if the above platforms have their applications on mobile. Fortunately, both these apps are compatible with the iOS and Android operating system, therefore, it is easier for the users of both platforms. 

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Amazon Prime photos vs Google photos: Sharing pictures 

Another issue between amazon photos vs Google photos is the ability to tag and share photos. In Google photos, there is a facial recognition option that helps you sort photos. Moreover, you can create albums and share them with your friend. If you want to manually sort the pictures then you can simply turn off the facial recognition option. Coming to the amazon photos sharing and tagging option, Amazon Prime automatically tags photos as you upload them. It has a facial recognition feature similar to the Amazon Prime photos.

Moreover, you can share the pictures on the Family Vault option with the people added to it. Therefore, both of them function the same when it comes to photo sharing and tagging, hence, there is no upper hand enjoyed by any of the above. Based on the information provided above, you can make your decision regarding what suits your needs best. 

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