7 Amazing Features To Explore On Google Arts And Culture App

Features of Google Arts and Culture App

Google Arts and Culture app is an online platform founded in 2011 that provides access to high-resolution images and videos of artworks and artifacts of cultural and historic significance from cultural organizations around the world. It was developed through close collaboration between Google and art partners like museums around the world. The platform houses a plethora of content that can be interacted with using a variety of mediums, including virtual and augmented reality and 3D models of artifacts. The platform also features advanced search capabilities and educational tools. 

Users, on the arts and culture app, can search for a huge range of artwork by artists, movements, or a specific historical event. All relevant information and interactive content can then be accessed at a convenience that is simply impossible at an art gallery. For example, the super high-resolution images featured on the platform allows the viewer to magnify and observe every intricate detail of the artwork. Keep in mind that most of these features are exclusive to the mobile application that can be downloaded for free from all leading app stores.

7 quirky features of the Google Art and Culture app 

Here are the amazing features of the Google Art and Culture app 

1. Google Arts And Culture App: Art Transfer

One of the most popular features of the Google Arts and Culture app is the Art Transfer mode. This feature applies an extremely convincing filter on any photograph, making the end result look like a professional painting. All you’ve got to do is to click a picture of any object, select one from the multiple art styles offered, and viola! Your photograph now looks like it was purchased straight from an art exhibition. Amazing right?

2. Google Arts And Culture App: Art Selfie

With the ‘art’ of clicking selfies remaining ever so popular, Google has implemented a feature that has caught the world of art enthusiasts and selfie lovers by storm. With Art Selfie, Google utilizes its image recognition prowess by letting users discover portraits that closely resemble them. In order to use this feature, use the ‘Art Selfie’ mode on the app to click and upload your selfie. The app then combs through its directories and provides you with an array of portraits crafted by acclaimed artists that bear the best match to the visible features in the selfie, including your posture!

3. Google Arts And Culture App: Art Projector

This feature utilizes Augmented Reality to give you a real-time understanding of the size and dimensions of your favorite artwork, but with a twist. Selecting this feature on the app redirects you to the camera viewfinder that acts as a scanner to map your environment (represented by white dots).

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You can then choose from the world’s leading artwork and project a virtual copy of it in the scanned area in the app! This not only gives the user a more intuitive understanding of the true scale of the artwork but also can be used as a reference point for home decor if you ever plan on buying a true size copy for your home.

4. Google Arts And Culture App: Art Exhibition 

Users, on Google Arts and Culture app, can make an online gallery of any number of artwork from partner organizations and save specific views of the artwork to create their personal virtual exhibition. They can share their galleries with friends and family on any social media platform using Google’s link abbreviator. The second-generation upgrade brought in Google+ integration, allowing users to upload their own audio and video content to further personalize their gallery.

Microscope View, this feature lets users zoom into artwork from Gallery View and examine intricate details that would have normally escaped the average eye. Users can access scholarly and contextual information while viewing the images, such as its original dimensions, the materials used, etc.

5. Google Arts And Culture App: 360° Immersion 

You’ll need to purchase Google Cardboard in order to use this feature. Google Cardboard is an affordable Virtual Reality headset that uses your smartphone screen to display VR content on the go. After syncing the headset with the app, choose your favorite location, be it a museum, a theatre, or one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Plug your smartphone into the headset to land right into the middle of the action at your chosen location!

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6. Google Arts And Culture App: Pocket Gallery 

This feature allows you to experience cultural locations and artwork in Augmented Reality. To begin, tap the camera icon located at the bottom half of the app to access Pocket Gallery, and then follow the on-screen instructions to activate the AR (a grid of white dots indicates that your area has been scanned). Scroll across to activate the gallery that you want to see. Keep in mind that these galleries have to be downloaded before you can project them. Give yourself lots of space to walk around and interact with these galleries. It can be a lot of fun!

7. Google Arts And Culture App: Art-Themed Games

Even though you can play Google Arts & Culture’s games on its website, but tapping on your phone’s screen makes it convenient and more exciting to play than playing using your mouse. For instance, Art Coloring Book provides monochrome outlines of over 20 prominent and celebrated photos and paintings that you can color using any palette that you like. 

Other games include Visual Crosswords where you have to arrange group thumbnail images according to their themes. Some of those themes are inclusive of paintings by Van Gogh, or Contemporary and Renaissance art. There is a Puzzle Party that creates jigsaws from artworks that you can either solve individually or with friends.

Google Arts and Culture App: Bottom line

Google Arts and Culture app bundle up several informative tools for students and teachers, such as timelines of historic events, virtual toolkits for art, references for teachers, educational videos, etc. Features like “Look Like an Expert” and “DIY”, host online activities that resemble those found in popular art galleries. Several galleries host guided tours or welcome videos on the virtual platform. This lets the user virtually walk through the Art Museum, listening to an audio guide for certain artworks, or following a video tour to guide them through the gallery, thus making it an app everyone must have!

So, if you haven’t yet downloaded the Google Arts and Culture App- then do it ASAP!


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