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Ever since Instagram introduces the stories feature on its social networking platform, it has gained a lot of attention from its users. And with time, Facebook-owned Instagram has added a lot of features to make their Stories feature more entertaining to its users. One of such features that Instagram introduced was music in Instagram Stories. Instagram Music Story was introduced in 2018, which was initially introduced to only a few countries around the world. Later in 2019, this feature was introduced in India which allows you to add lyrics in Instagram Story. Through this feature, you could access thousands of songs and share your stories in a new musical way. If you want to add lyrics to the Instagram story, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will explain to you how to put lyrics on Instagram stories and how to troubleshoot issues that may be causing trouble for you to get lyrics on Instagram stories.

How To Add Lyrics To The Instagram Story?

It is not that difficult to get lyrics on Instagram stories. After the release of the Music story feature on Instagram, multiple formats have been released to add lyrics to the Instagram story. But, one of the easy ways to access this feature is via Stickers.

Below, we have explained how to put lyrics on the Instagram story :

  • Open the Instagram app on your Smartphone.
  • Go to your newsfeed section or your profile and press the Story icon or your profile picture on your screen.
  • Upload the story by swiping up to access your Camera Roll or shoot a scene with the Story camera. If you want you can even use some good filters or stickers also. Instagram has a deal of really cool filters, stickers, and other things.
  • Now, press the stick button located on the top of the screen or swipe up.
  • Press the Music button, if you can’t find the Music button search it in the search bar or scroll down and search for it.
  • After pressing the music button, search for the song you would like to use either by scrolling through the music section or by searching it in the search bar. You can even browse via your mood, genre preference, or what’s popular today.
  • Once, you find the song, press the song to add it to your Story.
  • Now, press the letter button. Swipe left if you want to see more lyrics font options.
  • Each font has a different style of showing lyrics in your story. Decide which font you want to add to your story and select it.
  • Once you have selected the font press done.

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To finish the process, press the Your Story button located at the bottom left of the screen to post your story and flaunt it.

Editing The Music Sticker In Your Story 

While adding the music sticker to your story you would have probably noticed that there were few options at the bottom. These options will help you edit the song you choose:

  • The length of the clip. You can choose a minimum length of 3 seconds to a maximum limit of 15 seconds.
  • The color of the music sticker on your story.
  • The size and the type of the music sticker.
  • Whether you want the sticker displayed instead of the lyrics of the song or vice-versa.
  • The color and font of the lyrics of the music.

To edit the music sticker, just follow the steps given below:

  • After you add the music sticker to your Story, tap on it to change the icon.
  • Press the color wheel located at the top center of the screen to change the color of the music sticker or the lyrics of the song.
  • Once, you are done editing your lyrics or the music sticker, press “Done”.
  • Now, press the “Your Story” button located at the bottom left of the screen to post it as your story.

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Not Able To Add Music To Your Instagram Story?

Are you facing some trouble while trying to add music to your Instagram Story? Don’t worry you are not alone. Few of the Instagrammers do face some issues while they put lyrics on Instagram stories. There could be a few reasons why you are experiencing these issues, below we have explained two main reasons for this cause:

  • Your Instagram is not up to date

In case you are not able to find the music sticker in your Instagram stories, first go to the settings and check whether you have the latest version of the app or not. In case you don’t have the latest version, then updating the app is all you need. In case you are facing difficulty in updating the app, try uninstalling and reinstalling the app. This should solve the issue and you should be able to get lyrics on Instagram stories.

  • Instagram Music Story feature is not available in your country

If even after having the latest version of the app, you are not able to access the music sticker. Then the reason might be that Instagram hasn’t released access to this feature in your region. As of now, this feature is available in 60 countries including the United States, France, Great Britain, Italy, etc. 

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You can even add music to your Instagram stories without using the Instagram stickers using Apple Music, Spotify, Soundcloud, and other apps. However, by using these apps you will not be able to directly play the song in your Instagram story. But by tapping on your story, your Instagram followers will be redirected to the respective app and play that particular song in that app. If you want to add lyrics in the Instagram story directly, without using the music sticker, then you can try a few Instagram lyrics story apps like story beat and musixmatch. The “Instagram lyrics story app” lets you choose a variety of songs from their directory and use it directly to add lyrics to Instagram stories.

Adding music and lyrics to your Instagram stories is a great way to elevate your content and make it unique. Hopefully, this article helped you in taking your stories to the next level.

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