Lost Your Gamertag? Everything To Know About Xbox Gamertag Search

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If you’re new to Xbox gamertag search or are planning to invest in the brand new Series X, then you must familiarize yourself with Gamertags. A Gamertag is your alias on the Xbox Community, which of course can be anything you wish to call yourself (subject to availability). That’s the name you’ll use while playing games or sharing content with your online friends. Xbox gamertag search also allows you to change your tag whenever you wish.

Gamertags were first popularized with the original Xbox alongside Xbox Live, and have remained immensely popular since among Xbox enthusiasts; many have memories attached to their tags. When you play games with people online on your Xbox console, they see your Gamer tag instead of your real name in Xbox gamertag search.

For gamers, a Xbox gamertag search holds great value because it’s the way that they are identified on Xbox Live. Nobody else can choose the same Gamertag, and if your preferred Xbox gamertag search is already taken, you have to choose another one. 

Although Xbox gamertag search is essentially the same as usernames, they have a few differences in functionality. This is because your Gamertag is directly connected to your Microsoft account, and your Microsoft username is the email you used when you signed up. That means a Gamer tag cannot be used to retrieve account information, or while signing into your account.

There can be multiple reasons why you may want to look up a Gamertag.

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Solutions to the Most Common Issues, and to Understand Xbox Gamertag Search

1. Can’t Log into Your Xbox

You need to remember the email id originally used while setting up your Xbox account. This will give you access to your Xbox gamertag search and reset your password in case you forget it.

2. Can’t Remember your Tag and Want Friends to be Able to Add you

In case Microsoft automatically assigned a Gamertag when you first logged into Xbox gamertag search, and now you want to share it with your friends so that they add you, check the upper left corner of the home screen on your Xbox One, or the profile section of your Windows 10 Xbox app.

3. Find a Friend’s Tag

One way to find another user’s Gamertag is to use the suggested friends’ function on an Xbox One or in the Windows 10 Xbox app. In case you can’t find your friend there, they’ll have to give you their Xbox gamertag search.

4. Trying to find an email address from a Gamertag

Microsoft does not offer a reverse Xbox gamertag search, and as per policy they do not provide that information to third parties.

Microsoft also does not offer any Xbox gamertag search lookup service, meaning that you cannot search for your Gamer tag, or anybody else’s Gamertag, using information like real name, phone number, and email.

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The only exception is that you can choose your Xbox gamertag search by logging into the Xbox website using the email or phone number that you originally used while setting up your Xbox account.

Ways to Try Xbox Gamertag Search

Here are some of the best ways to try Xbox Gamertag search

1. On your Xbox

Finding your Gamertag is the easiest provided you have access to your Xbox One, or if you have Windows 10 and you’re signed in with the same Microsoft account that’s linked to your Xbox account. 

If you have access to your Xbox One, and you’re still logged in, then finding your Xbox gamertag search and associated email address is relatively simple. Turn your console on, access the home screen, and check the upper left corner.

In the upper left corner of the home screen, you can find your Gamer tag and gamerscore alternate with your name and email address.

2. Windows 10 

If you’re using Windows 10, start up the Xbox app and click on your profile picture to access your profile. On this menu, you will see your Gamertag right under your name and gamerscore.

If you’re trying to find your Gamer tag because you can’t log into your Xbox console, then you’ll need access to the original email id you used to sign up for your Xbox account in the first place.

Here’s how to access your Gamer tag if you aren’t currently able to sign in to your Xbox One or the Xbox app on Windows 10

  • Navigate to and click Sign In.
  • Enter the email, phone, or Skype you used when you created your Xbox account and click Next.

To Note: If you don’t remember your Microsoft account email, go to the next section for information on how to find it.

  • Enter your password and click Sign in.
  • Return to In the upper right corner of the website, our Gamertag appears next to your gamer pic.
  • If you cannot see your Gamertag, it means that you probably used a different email to set up your Xbox account. Try signing out of, and signing in with a different email.

Before you can add someone on Xbox Live, you need access to their Gamertag. There is no official service that provides Xbox gamertag search, which means that you’ll need to know the exact Gamer tag of your friend if you want to add them.

While attempting to add a friend on Xbox One, Xbox 360, or the Windows 10 Xbox app, you have to type out the entire Gamertag. If the Gamer tag is legitimate, it shows you that person’s profile, and you can add them as a friend.

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If you enter a Gamertag that is incomplete or an invalid Gamertag, you won’t find the familiar list of possible matches as with other profile finders online, as Microsoft doesn’t offer any kind of Xbox gamertag search or lookup service.

There is one method that you can use to add a friend on Xbox gamertag search Live without knowing their Gamertag. For using this feature, access the suggested friends’ option on your Xbox One or in the Windows 10 Xbox app. This option gives you access to a list of followers and friends you may want to connect with.

You can also link your Facebook account using the suggested friend’s option. If you are trying to find the Gamertag of someone with whom you are already friends on FB, this option lets you see their Xbox Gamertag search live and add them on Xbox Live.

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