All That You Need To Know About Employee Monitoring Software : Pros & Cons Included





Does every employee perform their duties with diligence and sincerity even without monitoring? Maybe some do it, but often people skip the work environment ethics out of exhaustion and lethargy. This is why employers deployed employee monitoring software to watch the workforce's productivity. But is monitoring people ethical? Doesn't it create a negative experience for the employees in the work premises? Read on to have a detailed perspective of employee monitoring software and its implications!

Employee Monitoring Software: Know all About It

Companies use different kinds of employee monitoring such as employee monitoring software, telephone tapping, video surveillance, email monitoring, location monitoring, and keylogging. Out of all these methods, software monitoring is the most prominent one. Several agencies use centralized software to monitor employees' behavior, accountability, and work ethics. 

Some of the top employee monitoring software 2021 are discussed below:

1. Teramind

This computer monitoring software can help track employees' productivity, alert suspicious behavior, detect possible violations, and ensure proper compliance. This also can be run on android devices, and it gives real-time updates about incidents in the work environment. It ensures the efficiency of business operations by taking automated actions like warning or blocking. 

2. Veriato Cerebral 

This is software used for insider surveillance, productivity tracking, and high-risk monitoring. Here, Integrated AI seeks threats and creates alerts.

3. ActivTrak

This can help track the business operations to understand the bottlenecks, inefficiency, and coaching opportunities. This can also provide employee productivity besides giving the analytics data. 

4. Controlio 

It is a web-cloud system that can monitor the online behavior of employees. It shows what they are typing, searching or even the website they are working on. 

5. Hubstaff

This software is mostly used in teamwork management. This can give the reporting time and activities performed by the team members. This can help us track productivity, work progress, and possible setbacks. This software can work well on Mac, Windows, Linux, and iOS. 

Uses of Employee Monitoring Software

Employee monitoring software monitors employees' productivity and tracks their real-time performances. This gives a clear picture of how much time an employee takes to complete a particular project. Knowing the time taken for individual projects can help us streamline the business process and manage project schedules. Tracking employees can also reveal the key areas in which the employees are lacking to be given proper assistance and training. 

Employee monitoring software also aids in detecting vulnerabilities, which can prevent any hacker's attempt to manipulate the critical data. This can provide security against cybercriminals, which can protect the invaluable database of companies. 

Employee Monitoring Software Advantages

Every person is different in terms of personality, interests, attitudes, and behaviors. The world is a blend of ethical people, unscrupulous people, harassers, abusers, looters, and liars. The business environment is a small world where we can see the combinations of various personalities. We sometimes have to save victims from predators or convict the perpetrators. To maintain a safe work culture, we need to monitor people, and it helps to uncover any harassment issues or reduce theft. 

Other than this, we can know any unexpected conflicts or arguments between the employees. This may help us put off such conflicts before they get out of our hands. It can help us view the real-time interaction of employees with the customers, which helps us streamline customer services and experiences. 

Monitoring employees' working processes can help CEOs to improvise business operations and increase profits. Therefore, monitoring is advantageous for businesses' healthy, ethical, successful, and moral sustainability.

Employee Monitoring Software Disadvantages

Good and bad are always parcels of life, but unfortunately, they are in the same parcel! While employee monitoring has many advantages, there are equally many disadvantages. Many employees see monitoring their private workspaces as intrusive and invasive, and they feel like their works have been devalued and distrusted. This can trigger negative emotions among employees and can disrupt the healthy work environment. 

Monitoring if done unethically, can blur the lines between personal and professional lives. Sometimes, dishonest employers can even use the data gained from employee monitoring for immoral reasons. 

Finally, any monitoring software costs money and time, and these are the most priceless resources for any organization and can be used for other profitable ventures. 

Employee monitoring software might seem unscrupulous from an employee's point of view but is necessary for maintaining disciplined and organized work culture. Something fair from one outlook may seem unscrupulous from another view. There is a dichotomy of fact-opinion in everything, so it is always better to decide on issues based on long-term positive results instead of short-term arguments. 

While monitoring employees is not a wrong move, employers should maintain ethical standards considering the privacy and personal lives of employees. 

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