9 Basic Internet Terms And Their Definitions

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In the world of digitalization, it is important to understand the internet terms and their definition. There are many basic internet terms and it’s definitions which many people, especially the one, who are new to digitalization doesn’t understand this. 

The Internet is like a building block connecting various computers at the same time. It includes different devices like computers, laptops, smartphones, etc. It is important to understand basic Internet terms. You might be someone who is not much aware of these internet terms and their definitions, well you don’t have to worry about it because in this article we are going to cover all the basic internet terms and their definitions.

Basic Internet Terms

Here are some of the important internet terms and their definitions

1. Internet

It’s needless to say that the Internet itself is a very basic and important term to understand and is one of the basic Internet terms. So what is the basic internet definition? The Internet is a worldwide network of computers, which ultimately  provides a wide array of information that we generally call TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) or IP (Internet Protocol)

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Back then in 1969, the internet was known as ARPANET. It is manufactured by the Advanced Research Projects Agency of the United States of America. At that time, the Department of Defense was only using four computers to connect with each other. Today ARPANET is termed as the Internet.

2. World Wide Web

You must be aware of the basic Internet terms which are the World Wide Web or www which is a collection of data stored and shared in the digital space. The information has been collected from and connected to various websites and divided into web pages further. In 1989, Tim Bernes-Lee in the CERN laboratory.


basic internet terms
basic internet terms

You can access the World Wide Web from anywhere but you need an internet connection which is again the basic internet term! You have various options like a wireless router, Wi-Fi, or Ethernet cable to access www through the internet from any part of the world.

3. Host Network

A Network Host is a computer or any device that connects to a computer network. It gives information and provides facilities for other computers and their users. Also, you can use the term host when there’s two or more two computer system that connects through a modem or other internet connection channels.

One of the Internet terms is Host Network is a computer or any other device that connects to a computer network.  

4. Domain

The domain is basically a naming system for giving addresses to web pages and servers. It is the computer’s address on the internet. A dot in the domain name separates its name, for example, or

Adding to it, Domain Names are part of the DNS (Domain Name System, a database of domain names and it’s respective IP addresses. The domain name also follows some rules and algorithms in the DNS.

Some of the basic internet terms of domain names are:

  • com – Commercial business
  • edu – Educational institutions
  • gov – Government agencies
  • mil – Military
  • net – Networks organization
  • org – Organizations (nonprofit)

There are further top-level domains that are now recognized on the Internet. They include:

  • aero – Air-transport industry
  • biz – Businesses
  • coop – Cooperatives
  • info – Unrestricted use
  • museum – museums
  • pro – Accountants, lawyers, physicians, and other professionals
  • tv – Television

Some of the countries use a sub-domain or geographical domain as part of their address. Let’s say, an academic institution such as Oxford University in the United Kingdom can use An example of a URL with this domain is

5. Web Browser

One of the basic internet terms is a web browser which is a software program that can access websites. Some of the popular websites include Google Chrome, Apple’s Safari, Mozilla Firefox. Each browser works accordingly based on its own setting and is different from each other. But they have the same function which is to serve as portals to the World Wide Web.

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This is one of the basic Internet definitions of a website and it allows you to surf anything anywhere. You can choose any web browser of your choice like chrome and you can constantly use it. If you are an Apple user, you can use safari. These are the basic Internet terms when you connect digitally.

6. IP Address

IP address is one of the basic Internet terms and it’s basic internet definition states that an address which is a unique set of numbers assigned to a computing device that uses the internet protocol. Also, an IP address can identify a device on the Internet communication network. Additionally, it also allows a system to be acknowledged by other systems.

7. Homepage

You must be hearing a lot about the Internet terms like Homepage! 

Basically, a homepage is the main page of any website. Normally, this is the first page you see when you open a website. Furthermore, a home page can have one of many different filenames.

8. URL

A lot of us know that URL is one of the Internet terms which is very important in the digital world. So what is the basic internet definition of URL?


basic internet terms
basic internet terms


URL which is short for “Universal Resource Locator.” gives a way of locating a resource on the web. It also serves as a method of extracting location on a computer network.

9. Search Engine

In the digital era, you must have come across internet terms like a search engine. So, what is a Search engine and it’s basic internet definition. 

Search Engine is a software system that works to search for information on the World Wide Web. Common examples of online search engines are Google, Yahoo, and Bing. These programs ultimately allow you to search for keywords and phrases to locate information on the Internet. These are the common Internet terms and their definition.

Internet is a way of connecting nowadays and without knowing these Internet terms it is very difficult for you to actually work in this era because everything is digitalized. Therefore, we made a list of all the basic internet terms with their basic internet definition. We hope that this article is useful to you.

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