8 Trending Video Hosting Sites Every Creator Should Try In 2022





No doubt, videos are one of the most growing online content that is most engaging and generates maximum sales and leads. But to serve it to the audience in the best way is also a challenge. We have made your task easier. We have brought here the best video hosting sites that will make your work easier.

8 Trending Video Hosting Sites and Their Usage

Content management systems such as WordPress, blogger etc allow users to upload videos but they are not well optimised to serve videos. Videos consume more hosting resources and thus they often slow down the website and also affect the video playback. This overall creates a bad user experience. 

This is where the role of video hosting sites becomes significant. These sites are specifically optimised to serve video files. They offer features such as automatic video quality adjustment, customisable video playback control and analytics to track the performance of the video. All you need to do is just upload the videos to these hosting sites and then embed them on your website.

So here is the list of sites that provide the best video hosting.

1. YouTube

It is the most popular video hosting site that is known to most people. It has millions of users all over the globe. It is a free video hosting site. It allows users to upload unlimited videos with a resolution of up to 4K. You can make the videos public or private depending upon the need to cater to different types of audiences. 

You can also make money from this. Google displays ads in your uploaded videos and you are paid when people view or click on the ads. One can easily build their audience in any niche on this platform. Moreover, as this is a product of google your videos are also shown in the google search result. 

But it provides you limited control action over your videos and the analytic option is limited. Various recommendations of others videos are shown in this, which can distract your audience.

2. Vimeo

It is one of the best video hosting sites that allows you to upload and manage videos hassle-free. It is a paid site and also offers its service for free with limited features. The premium plan priced from $7 to $75 to cater the needs of different groups of users.

It comes with a premium video player and also allows you to make the video password protected. It has a very interesting feature that you can replace the video without changing the URL. You can easily embed your video on your website without any ads. Videos can be uploaded in this from multiple channels such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Adobe Premiere, iMovie, Final cut Pro X, and many more.

3. Wistia 

It is a one-stop solution for video hosting and its marketing. Organisations looking for high-quality video marketing tools should consider this. It comes with two plans, one is premium($99/month) and the other is free. The free plan only allows you to upload 3 videos. The premium plan allows you to upload 10 videos and after that, each video is priced 25 cents. 

It is highly customizable. You can easily place calls to action and forms in your video. In this way, your videos can capture leads for you and can convert them into sales. If used in the right way then it can compensate for its pricing by increasing video-based conversions.

4. SproutVideo

It helps businesses build basic websites around their video content. The created website can be used in multiple ways such as to display your video portfolio, tutorials or free content with your audience. 

It has an amazing and time-saving feature that when you upload any video to your SproutVideo account then it automatically adds to your site based on the tags. Videos can be protected using passwords to make them accessible to specific people. It also allows you to embed videos on other websites.

It is a premium video hosting site and is priced at $59.99 per month.

5. Vidyard

Vidyard is generally for large businesses and professionals. It has premium content marketing tools to increase the usability of your videos.

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Video players are fully customizable. Content marketing tools such as a call to action, opt-in forms and a powerful analytical dashboard helps you to get a higher conversion rate and also help you to track and understand your audience. You can upload unlimited videos with no bandwidth limit.

It offers three premium plans

  1. Pro ($15 per month)
  2. Team's ($300 per month) and 
  3. Business ($1250 per month).

These video hosting sites offer free services, often offered with limited features.

6. Spotlightr

This video hosting site is helpful for businesses and marketers. It offers ad-free video streaming. You can upload videos from the link of the videos from different platforms such as Youtube, Vimeo or AWS. Videos can be customised with timed buttons, overlays and many more. Videos can be embedded in any webpage and can be tracked using its powerful and robust analytics tool.

Videos up to 4K resolution can be uploaded. Customer care support via live chat and email is given to the subscribers.

It comes with two plans:

  1. Free plan with no customization access.
  2. Polaris plan is priced at $24 per month.

7. Dailymotion

Dailymotion is a video hosting site like YouTube which offers its service for free. It has a paid version that gives you access to its experts who guide you on how to optimise and monetize videos on your channel.

You can do live streaming in this and connect with your audience in real-time. The best part is that you can easily embed your videos to other platforms as well as you can monetize it too. It has customizable players so you can change them to meet your branding.

8. Facebook

You must be aware of this platform and you might be using this too. You can easily upload videos in this with different aspect ratios. It offers live streaming too. But you can only upload files up to 2 hours long. It does not offer a customizable media player and also automatically shows ads in your videos. 

But if you are a creator then it's a good option to consider and find relevant audiences according to your niche.

Now, you have the list of video hosting sites so you can easily choose any of them depending upon the need and requirements of your business. If you are a business owner then choose the websites that offer content marketing tools, but if you are a creator then join video hosting sites like YouTube, Dailymotion and Facebook where you can easily find a high potential audience related to your niche. 

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