7 Useful WooCommerce Tricks That Can Be Game Changer In Generating Sales





WooCommerce is an e-commerce plugin available as an open-source for WordPress users. It is useful to everyone or the online merchants irrespective of their small or large-sized online targets for sales. WordPress WooCommerce was launched in the year 2011 and has ever since becoming a popular platform, mainly because of its simplicity and flexibility in terms of installation, customization, and allowing market position for your products for free as well as it also provides several optional extensions for license fees.

In this article, we will discuss some of the most useful WooCommerce tricks which are definitely a huge booster for your online sales as WooCommerce is estimated to have 3.9 million websites using it as of January 2020. So, if you are looking for the right solution to improve sales for your products or services, then this article will provide top WooCommerce tricks that you must know!

WordPress WooCommerce

Developed by WooThemes, the WordPress theme developer, this platform finally became the WooCommerce that helps its users to get more customers to your website by increasing visibility, boosting sales, and ultimately providing the desired result of maximizing the website’s reach.

WooCommerce has several extensions along with plugins that range about 1000 in number apart from the paid add-ons. The users can enjoy Premium Themes with WooCommerce as well as the plugins compatible with their theme framework.

Some of the important WooCommerce are:

  • WooCommerce Bookings for the users to sell or book blocks of time as appointments.
  • WooCommerce Memberships for the users to create restrictions over certain parts of their website created using WordPress as well as sell other parts of the websites.

So, if you have already set an online store or planning to set one, then here are the top WooCommerce tricks that you require to utilize the full potential of your idea in terms of sales. 

Useful WooCommerce Tricks

Now that we have an idea about the WooCommerce platform, its uses, features, etc let us proceed with the big commerce tricks which you can easily incorporate.

1. Hosting Flash Sales

Flash sales are the quickest trick which online stores can incorporate to boost their sales. Flash sales refer to establishing discounts or offers for a product or service for a very short period such that it creates a sense of urgency. One can use features like a timer, or a display where the customers can see the stock availability going down over time.

Social media platforms support such sales by increasing the range of audience, to ultimately increase the traffic for the sale which will last only for a few hours or days. As the countdown begins, one must monitor the spike in traffic, as well as the sales.

2. Introduce Offers or Discount Coupons

Special offers, discounts, or discount coupons are a great way to attract the audience, spread awareness, and one of the best WordPress WooCommerce tricks, especially if you want to promote your store.

If you have already tried this technique then based on the previous data create new promotional coupons or check out the types of offers that your competitors are providing to ensure yours is better, different, and profitable. As you are designing the coupons, offers, etc the target audience choosing is possible such that only a specific group of customers will benefit.

To further improve it, choose the correct channels or platforms for spreading the word out about the discount coupons which will later spread through the customers themselves.

3. Using a Website Heatmap

Artificial Intelligence-based heatmap allows the users or the store owners to get information about what your customers first see, that too for free whereas the focus test might cost you are a fortune. This tool enables the users to visualize data for a better understanding of your website’s performance.

It usually uses the warm to cold color scheme to illustrate graphically the performance level of your website. In this, the warm color denotes or indicates the highest visitor engagement whereas the cold regions are the least engaged visitors.

This is a cool solution and tool to accurately predict, depict, and allow understanding of how the visitors navigate through your website, including the sections which they visit frequently. Thus one can judge the potential content, changes required along with work on the site’s promotional elements for maximizing the conversion rate from viewers to customers.

4. Incorporate Personalization for a Better Experience

This is yet another useful WooCommerce Tricks, as it allows flexibility and personalization for the website visitors to improve better engagement as well as the overall experience. The tailored experience that solves the user’s problems, fulfilling their needs as well connecting them to your website’s vision. 

One can design the homepage such that search, and convenience is possible within few clicks so that they can easily find what they are looking for. The personalization should continue even after the purchase by providing future sale information, discounts, general greetings, emails, etc in the future.

5. Free Shipping

Free shipping definitely will give you a boost over the other websites or stores as people expect benefits apart from the offers applicable to the products. It is a great way to improve convenience as the shipping fee are usually expensive for locations far from the dealers.

But at the same time, not all the products should have this advantage as it might result in loss, so ensure to allow users with high purchase rates or value to enjoy this perk exclusively. The cost that will avail of this benefit should be specific on your website.

Another solution is to offer free shipping for every first order made or for every referral to bring in a new consumer by the previous user. This will encourage customers to engage in positive branding and marketing.

6. Offer Package Deals

Customers will enjoy shopping when they get the satisfaction of spending their money on products with the sense of knowing its value to be true. Bundles or package deals are the best solutions to merge quantity with better sales.

The bundle could provide a set of similar products which when purchased as a package will provide the customers with some benefit or a cluster of related products which will in return reduce the efforts of searching by the consumer. The product combinations should be such that they complement each other.

For example, face wash, shampoo, hair conditioner, etc when bundled together form the right combination for the travel kit or regular usage by consumers, with a single click. This also gives a sense of getting something of better value.

7. Themed or Commercial Holiday Based Sales

Sales based on themes best suiting your product or establishing commercial holiday sales such as Single’s Day, Black Friday, Valentine’s day, etc will promote better relatability and the chances of purchasing relevant goods are very high.

In this article, we have discussed some of the most useful WooCommerce tricks which will support your online store by boosting sales, and brand fame. Hope this was useful in understanding the tips for better sales using WooCommerce as the solution.

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