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It is a fact that any post on the feed having strong images will attract more audience than just a boring wall of text. This means that if you are serious about marketing your brand or small business on social media then posting good-looking images is important. 

But with the increase in marketing in social media, every one of your competitors will also be marketing their brand or business on social media. Therefore if you want to stand out, you need to make sure you have the best social media image resizing tool to make eye-catching images. This will make sure you have more audience and engagement on your page.

There are plenty of online image resizer apps available. And the good news is you don’t have to spend much money, most of them are either free image resizer tools or have a trial period. In this article, we will talk about different apps to easily design and resize social media pictures. 

Apps to Easily Design and Resize Social Media Pictures

Unlike the desktop or the paid version of graphic editing programs, the online image resizer apps are easy-to-use and can be mastered quickly. With these apps, you can easily resize and create images for your social media pages. 

1. Pablo

Pablo is developed by the social sharing application Buffer. It is the best social media image resizing tool available online and is entirely free. This app provides marketers the necessary tools to engage audiences in social media. You can create images to share immediately or even schedule them to post at any time. 

Pablo makes it beyond simple to create good-looking social media images. It boasts a wide selection of free images. If you want you can also upload your own images as well. The text editor of this software lets your messages or company logo overlay on images. This tool even has layouts optimized for various social media platforms like Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

2. Canva

Canva is one of the best free image resizer tools available that you can use for almost any digital project. It provides templates for perfect image sizing on all major social media sites. This social media image resizing tool even provides sample layouts of text and images to give you an inspirational boost when you need one. 

You can access its library that provides free graphics for your image, along with a wide variety of text editing tools. Like google docs, Canva enables you to share and collaborate with others as well. You can use Canva for free for almost 250,000 templates and 5GB of storage. If you want you can upgrade to Canva pro with a fee of $12.95/month, this will offer unlimited storage, millions of assets, and more.

3. Pixlr

Pixlr is another best social media image resizing tool after Canva and Pablo that boasts artificial intelligence-powered tools. This tool has three different modes available in it namely, Advanced, Playful, and legacy versions. It gives the feel and looks of powerful graphic programs like photoshop.

This free image resizer has a wide variety of borders, layouts, overlays, effects, and many other tools to create an eye-catching image. You can upload the images directly to the software or else use your webcam to take a picture. However, Pixlr is Adobe Flash-based. That means you will have to adjust your web browser configuration so that it can work properly.

4. Fotor

Fotor is an all-in-one visual creation platform. It is primarily a collage-maker but also provides tools to edit photos and create graphic designs online effortlessly and quickly. This toll has templates for social site cover art that use the proper dimensions for sharing your posts.

Fotor also lets you create thumbnails for YouTube videos. You can either select a template or else upload your own image, and then use the graphics and text options to create a good-looking image. When you are done editing your image, you can click on the Share button to send the graphic image to any social media site you want.

5. is one of the apps to easily design and resize social media that specializes in the creation of infographics. Various surveys claim that infographics are liked and shared three times more than the usual visual material on social media platforms. is very user-friendly. This tool takes all the guesswork out of creating infographics. You only have to select a template and start adding your text and data. Once you have finished you can share the finished image as a link or even use an embed code to add it to your website.

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6. Piktochart

Just like, Piktochart is another infographic creation tool. You can use this tool to beautify your reports, presentation, social media graphics, and more. Using the free account of this software will give you access to over 4000 icons, the editor system, and the ability to share your work. If you want you can also upgrade to its premium version. Its premium version greatly expands its capabilities. If you like the work this app does, then it will be a good buy.

7. BeFunky

BeFunky is a unique, powerful, and free image resizer. This tool will provide you with everything that you will need to edit and create what you are thinking. This tool is just like Photoshop but is easy and simple to use. With this software, you can easily create incredible, top-notch quality images.

With this photo editor, you can get access to plenty of amazing photo effects like Cartoonizer, oil painting, and digital art effects. You can enhance the image further with the help of their huge library of customizable graphics, frames, and textures. For adding texts to your photos this social media image resizing tool will provide various types of fonts. You can even access google fonts or any fonts that are stored on your computer. 

The Final Word

Creating social media graphics that are optimized in size and function is one of the major fundamentals of creating engaging content. Hopefully, the tools that we have talked about in this article will be useful to you.

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