Are You Running Low On Storage? 6 Ways To Free Up Space





One of the most bugging things in this world for everyone is less space, be it in your personal life or your digital life. But unlike the former, the latter can be managed and taken care of in many different ways. Free space is necessary to keep your iPhone or iPad functioning in a normal manner without worrying about other technical problems.

iPhones and iPads tend to use up more space, thus leaving very little free space for other activities. There are many different ways to free up space on your device. There are some apps that end up taking more space and then there are other apps that you do not use often, this might not be the prime reason for the less space on your phone, but they definitely do constitute one of the reasons. 

How to Free Up Space on Your iPhone and iPad?

In order to free up space on your device, there are different methods that will help you in managing your storage space. Therefore, let us take a look at different methods one should keep in mind. Some important tips to save storage space on iPhone and iPad. 

1. A most important trick to free up storage in your device 

Apple is aware of the struggles of lack of space, so there are different tools that you can use to reduce storage size. Launch the settings menu and tap on the general option. From there, tap on the iPad or iPhone storage and then check the amount of storage space used shown in the colour coded bar at the top. 

There you will see a list of recommendations to optimize your storage and also delete large attachments that are on your phone. 

2. Keep an eye on apps that take a large amount of space

There are many apps on your phone that end up taking more space than what normally apps need which not only reduces storage size but also affects the battery performance of your phone. To combat this problem, you need to remove the app and data that causes this. 

Go to the settings option and click on the storage option. There you will see a list of apps that are installed in your phone arranged by the order of how much space they take. Tap on any app and you will see the size of the app which means how much storage space it takes and the second is the space taken by the documents inside that app. In order to free up space, you either delete documents and folders or the app itself. 

3. Offload apps if you do not use them often 

Another important point that most of us tend to forget is the feature of offloading apps on iPhone and iPad plays an important role to free up space on the device. With the help of offloading, you can disable the app temporarily but at the same time, everything that is saved on the app remains as it is. 

You can also set automatic offloading of the apps if you do not use them quite often. Go to settings, then general, and then tap on offload unused apps and tap on enable. 

4. Check your photo and video storage 

This is another major reason that plays a major role in reducing storage size. Now, most of us look for options here and there to reduce space taken up by the photos and videos, so in order to get away with it, let us learn how to free up storage used by visual media saved on your phone. 

Go to the settings and tap on general and device storage. There you will see how much space your photos and videos take on your iPhone and iPad. 

If you have more than 1GB of space that is taken by these, you should definitely copy your photos and videos to your laptop or to the iCloud storage. You can also backup and sync your photos on different cloud storage like google drive, dropbox, etc. 

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5. Check the music app

Although not more than photos and videos, your music files also take up a large amount of space. There are two ways with which you can free up space used by the music library. One is to clear space from within the app. You can do this by going to the library and tapping on downloaded music. Select the file you want and press the delete from the library option. 

Another way to free storage is by checking your music streaming apps and see whether you have downloaded offline songs there. If yes, check how much space they are taking and delete accordingly. 

6. Empty cache 

Every day you visit thousands of websites and therefore caches end up taking a lot of your space. Open the browser and go to settings to clear cache and history. Also, another best way is to keep your iPhone iOS updated to the latest version. This way you can free space in your iPhone without worrying or diving into technical details. 

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