6 Free Sports Streaming Sites For Sports Enthusiasts





We all know how sports fanatics earlier got minutely updates about the games over the radio. But as we have advanced over the years, the means of communication has as well advanced with us. 

Now we have several sports streaming websites that not only give you updates on the game over voice but also let you watch and experience its lives. All you have to do is to have a device that can help you access these free sport streaming sites anytime you want. The fact that these come free and literally do not charge anything for watching sports is a big boon for the sports fanatics. 

Another major advantage that weighs towards these sports streaming websites is the cost. With almost no cost and available for free, it has ousted the real-time experience of sports that cost comparatively high. In both cases, you enjoy sports, the only difference being its availability for free.

Therefore, if you love watching your favourite sports but cannot go out to see them, you will not miss any as you have the choice in it. With the following free sports streaming sites, you can access any of your favourite sports online and watch them live.

Best Free Sports Streaming Sites That You Should Try

Here is our list of the top free sports streaming sites that a sports enthusiast must never forget to try. Let us have a look to choose what suits you the best. 

1. Watch ESPN

The one that needs no introduction. Watch ESPN come to your mind naturally whenever you have to watch any sports. ESPN is one of the best sports streaming websites when it comes to sports coverage and is a very old sports streaming site dedicated to everything related to sports. 

In ESPN, you get access to watch your favourite sports live, listen to the commentaries and even record them. The best thing about this streaming site is that it is easily available on many devices like computer, smartphone, tablet, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV and Roku.

Now before you make haste to watch and get access to ESPN, let us also remind you of the only drawback i.e. it is available in only selected countries. Therefore, first, check its availability in your country and move accordingly.


Followed by ESPN comes another free sports streaming site that goes by the name It does not matter whether you have used the website before or not, the user interface of is easy and eye-catchy even when you land here for the first time.

To watch any sports from baseball to golf, all you need to do is to go to the main menu and click on the game option and from there click on any links and you can watch that particular sport. You do not even need any previous sign up to this sports streaming site and can enter directly to watch. Also, you set the timezone to your country and watch videos as per your country timings.


The stream sports streaming site has a very alluring and credible-looking user interface. It offers the same service as the aforementioned sport streaming websites but one thing that makes it stand out from the rest is that it allows you to watch your favourite sports for free without the disturbance of ads like on other sites. 

Apart from this, it also uploads the highlights once the match is over and also gives you updates about your favourite sports. And just in case you are bored with sports notifications from stream sports, then you just need to blacklist that particular sport and you won’t get notified.


This is another largest provider of free online sports services and most of them include basketball, baseball, football, ice hockey, table tennis and many more that you can add to your list on the website. 

As has a partnership with many major sports industries in the world, it, therefore, offers an exclusive quality of live streaming and videos to its users. It is supported by most devices including Android, IOS, windows, tablet, etc.

5. Stream2watch 

Another big sports streaming site that is available for free, but also different from the rest as it streams popular TV shows along with the sports. The sports streaming site includes many sports that you can watch live like Sports Boxing, Basketball games, Baseball, MLB, Football, Cricket, Tennis ATP and WTA, Fussball and many games you would never want to miss out on.


A hundred per cent free website that you can use and has an easy interface and fast tools for watching sports videos online. Some of the famous sports that enables you to watch include football, NASCAR race, hockey, even cricket, basketball, tennis and many more.

There is nothing special or unique about this sports streaming site and it offers you to watch the sports video in 3D and HD effects. So these were our top picks for the best free online sports streaming websites. More websites offer similar services but they do not have any different functions that the above.

Some of them that you can also try along with the above are:

  1. Go the first row
  2. Boss cast
  3. Stream whoop

So these were our top online picks for the best sports streaming sites that are available for free. In the end, one should be very cautious about what sites to open and make sure those are credible. 

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