6 Digital Education Tools For Your Online Classes You Should Never Miss Out On!





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One thing that has massively changed during this pandemic is the system of education and its impartation. Everything has turned online not only for youngsters but also for the school-going kids too. In this new era of technological advancement, it is therefore imperative and crucial to adopt new methods of teaching as it plays a fundamental role in education. 

As much as online education is a blessing, it is also equally a bane for many students and teachers. More than the students, it is the teachers who have to go over and learn about the functions of the new applications and devices. Along with this, the major issue being faced by the teachers is the inadequacy of the tools that are present to them due to which most of the time, it becomes quite difficult to explain and clarify things. 

Therefore, in order to assist the teachers and the students with their online classes, there are present various digital education tools. With these digital educations tools for teachers and students, it becomes easier to reach out both ways. This, in turn, improves learning and facilitates communication which is an essential part of the whole concept of learning.

Let us take a look at some of the most important and interesting digital education tools for both teachers and students. 

Digital Education Tools for Teachers and Students That You Should be Using 

Without any further delay, below are some of the most important digital education tools for teachers and students. 

1. Edmodo 

It heads the list of the best digital education tools and apps around us for all the right reasons. Edomondo is a digital educational tool built for both teachers and students which takes a form of a social media app. 

With this app, teachers are able to create educational groups, send notes and other study material, keep a track of student’s performance and even communicate with their performance. Edmodo creates a classroom environment in a very digitalised and flawless manner with new opportunities brought by the technology. 

2. Projeqt 

This is also one of the best digital educations tools for teachers and students that helps to create multimedia presentations. The approach is not just limited to making presentations, but you also have various features that you would not get otherwise like interactive maps, Twitter timelines, online quizzes, videos and not only this, the teacher and students can also share their presentations on various platforms too. 

3. Socrative 

Next is the socrative app which is created by a group of entrepreneurs and engineers for the teachers teaching online to create online exercises, educational games and other fun activities that students can solve through their mobile devices or laptops. At the end of the activity, the teachers are also able to evaluate the performance of each child on the basis of the result and modify the exercises in other different ways. 

4. Thinglink 

A step-up in the realm of digital education tools for teachers and students, thinglink is the most popular education tool. The app helps you to create interactive images in which you can add text, music, music and other photographs and these images are shareable on different platforms like Instagram and Facebook. With this app, the teachers get an opportunity to create different and creative kinds of learning methodologies which will make learning fun for kids and awaken their curiosity. 

5. TED-Ed

Another digital educational tool for teachers and students will help immensely in creating educational lessons. Not only this, all of this can happen with the collaboration of different teachers, animators, students who are keen on expanding their area of expertise and knowledge. It also plays a role in democratizing access to all the information to the teachers as well as the students. 

6. Kahoot!

You might have heard about this digital education tool kahoot! all over the internet. The app is based on games and questions which is a fun way to keep the students interested. Teachers can make questionnaires, discussions, surveys as a part of the academic lessons they impart to the students. Playing and learning are some of the qualities that are very much promoted on the kahoot app. 

So here were our top 6 digital education tools for teachers and students that can help them immensely to cope with all the problems that are being encountered by them in their online classes.  

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