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Graphics Interchange Format, popularly known as ‘gif’ was invented in the year 1987 by a team of online service providers – CompuServe. The gif is of bitmap image format and can be simply explained as a short video clip that runs on loop without the need for the user to select play each time.

Gifs have gained popularity over a while on various social media platforms, which allows people to share and use them. This has led to the rise of several platforms and applications that can be to create ‘gifs’ of their own. In this article, we would cover every aspect of gif, so that you can enjoy making some of your own!

Now that we know what is a gif, let’s begin with different ways for us to create them.

How to create Gifs: Simple and Effective Ways

Here are some of the best options for you to create exciting gifs within a matter of a few minutes! 

1. Gif Maker – GIF Editor

This gif maker is best suitable for Windows users as this is compatible and can be downloaded for free!

You can use this editor to make gifs by compiling video clips or sequences of images that can be shared across social media platforms such as – WhatsApp, Tumblr, Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, etc.
The system requirements are as following:

  • Windows 10 or higher versions and  Xbox one
  • Available on – Hololens, Mobile, PC, Hub.
  • Some of its unique features are:
    • Being completely free, unlike other solutions, watermark-free gifs can be made using this application.
    • Smooth, clear, small-sized gifs can be easily made and shared.
  • Steps to install this application are:
  1. Download the Gif Maker – GIF editor from the official website.
  2. Install the application.
  3. Select the images or video clips to be compiled and make creative gifs.
  4. Save your work after finishing and use it on whichever platform you like!

2. PhotoScape

Photoscape is an efficient solution for all issues concerning editing photos and making your gif clips!

  • It is compatible with Windows 10 and other versions like -Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows 8, and Windows 7.
  • It is also available on Mac.
  • Almost every tool required for editing photos is available in this application.
  • Individual frames can be edited, and time duration can be fixed.
  • The steps involved in getting this application on your device are as given below:
    1. Download the PhotoScape application from here.
    2. Install the application.
    3. Create gif using videos or photos. Edit and add effect to each frame according to your requirement.
    4. This free application allows a smooth working and effective creation.
    5. Tutorials are available in the application, in case you are not able to understand the usage of a tool or its working.


GIPHY is an online platform for creating gifs and stickers. One need not install or download any application but just use images or videos, make wonderful gifs, ready to use and share!

  • The steps involved in creating gif using this platform are:
    1. Create an account in GIPHY and log in to begin uploading images and videos.
    2. Use the ‘Upload’ option to choose the files by browsing or just drag and drop the images into the dialog box.
    3. Select the correct order of images or videos in this stage itself.
    4. Further, you can add tags, captions, source URLs, etc
    5. Once the upload is complete, you can use it to share.
    6. Option to make it public or private is also provided.
    7. To know more about the tools and get instructions, click here.

4. Flimora Meme Generator

Flimora Meme Generator is a free online option to create excellent gif clips. This features all the required tools and doesn’t even require sign-up! Let us see how to use this :

  • Open the online website to begin. Click here.
  • Upload the images or clips required in the dialog box or copy and paste the URL of the video, image, gif, etc.
  • You can add captions, texts, and other effects to your clips.
  • Click on the ‘Create’ option once finished.
  • Within a few seconds your gif would be ready, that too free of watermark!

5. SSuite GIF Animator

This application makes it easy to create a gif by processing different formats of images such as – JPEG, JPG, BMP, PNG, etc. With a few clicks and seconds, your gif would be ready.


The steps and system requirements are:

  • It is compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 10, Windows 7, and Windows 8.
  • Download the application and install it on your desktop.
  • Load the images or clips in the list and create the gif.
  • The gif is compatible with online web browsers as well as can be shared with others.
  • The latest update includes –
    1. Creation of faster gif and slideshow
    2. Add individual time intervals
    3. Updated and enhanced interface.
    4. Reset and resize all images to one size.

6. Animated GIF Maker

It is yet another online platform that helps in creating quick and effective gifs. A neat description of the gif maker is provided on the website for ease of understanding by the user.

  • Visit the website. Click here.
  • Select the images to be uploaded (of the given formats) by clicking the ‘Choose files’ option in the GIF maker.
  • The size of the file must range from 6MB to100MB only.
  • After uploading the files required, create the gif.
  • The order, speed, and effects need to be fixed before moving to the next step.
  • After creating the gif, tools are provided to crop, resize, or alter it.

Some other features of this application are:

  • The entire gif time can be delayed by using the ‘Delay time’ option whereas the ‘Delay’ option can be used to delay each frame.
  • Transition and cross-fading options are available to create seamlessly joined clips or images.
  • Use the ‘Video to GIF tool’ to create GIF images from a video.

There are several other options available online for creating a gif other than the ones mentioned here which you can browse and explore. Further, it is up to you to decide how to use a gif, that you created. So start right away to add colors to your social media by creating exciting gifs!

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