5 Top Technology Trends Of 2021 That Surely Impressed The World





Digital disruptions are happening everywhere. The top technology trends of yesterday are outdated today. The post-pandemic world is adopting more technologies than the pre-pandemic world. What are the latest technology trends that are revolutionizing the future? There are many such technologies, but here we will look into the technology trends of 2021 to get a short glimpse of our wonderful tech world. 

Top Technology Trends of 2021 

Like a wise person once said, "Necessity is the mother of invention", we are developing so many new technologies for our requirements. This pandemic has created a situation wherein we can't sustain our life without sophisticated technologies. We have picked out five top technology trends of 2021, which are used as fuel for running our world affairs. 

1. AI and Big Data

We live in a world where we need to make many real-time decisions! Data is our new money, so we need to monitor them with the best technologies possible. Companies realize that even though they have more data, it is no longer relevant to the post-pandemic world. Things are changing so fast that people are looking towards different technologies to optimize their business operations. These are bringing in possibilities of artificial intelligence and big data analysis to automate our priceless data. 

Companies are offering automated data warehouses that can look for trends themselves and highlight worldly incidents related to data analysis. The automated data analysis is also integrated with marketing strategies where the targeted sales pitches or emails are sent to potential customers. Earlier, mass marketing sent sales emails to everyone rather than to targeted markets, which created huge losses. With the arrival of artificial intelligence, we can analyze big chunks of data in marketing outlets, sales information, and marketing research. AI also now helps companies to address the economic realities of recessions where they want to streamline business processes. 

Artificial intelligence is the most powerful technology humankind has created as it can mimic humans in almost everything. It can read, speak, see, learn and analyze various inputs like visuals and audio. All these technology trends are helping organizations re-imagining and streamline their business processes. 

2. Robotics, Automation, and Drones

Many companies now realize that there has been a vast economic cost to the pandemic, and the world economies are shrinking. This made them think of new ways to automate their business for maximizing their profits. Latest technology trends like Robotics, Automation, and Drones can help business people with all of this!

Nowadays, companies want to take repetitive steps in the business processes or along the supply chains. Amazon has already done it effectively by automating more than half of its warehouse operations. Many new startups are emerging with new ideas like home delivery with robots, services through drones, and even robotic postmen for giving parcels. These are causing massive digital disruptions in our supply chains with their subtle and intricate design. 

Top companies like UPS and Daimler are already running self-driving trucks. On the other hand, Rolls Royce, along with Google, is building ships that can autonomously steer the oceans. In Singapore, Boston Dynamic spot looks at how people adhere to social distancing in their parks. Here a robot dog will use machine vision to detect how far people have passed and look for any breach of rules. For instance, Heathrow airport is using sanitizing robots that can clean the premises overnight for the safety of passengers the next day. 

3. Cloud Computing

Due to the pandemic, our working patterns have changed, and many are now working in virtual setups. All of our online work and shopping are now shaped by cloud computing. Video conferencing services are something only a few people used in the past, but everyone is used to it. For example, Zoom became widely popular because it had cloud infrastructure in the background. 

Besides this, cloud computing helped large businesses store their documents online without needing space in their hard disks. Storage in servers was tedious because of huge storage and lack of security. This new method of storing data made the data scalable and sustainable for corporations. 

4. Faster Networks and 5G

Faster networks and 5G are enabling all the other trends mentioned above. We need faster networks to work from home, access cloud computing, run self-driving cars or have service robots. 5G is a key enabler to all the powerful technologies because we will have faster connectivity than every network present now. 

5. Extended virtual reality

With the arrival of faster networks, we don't need to confine ourselves in space for working with Virtual Reality anymore. We all can enjoy it in our own spaces with maximum connectivity and speed. 

Facebook has just now launched VR glasses that look like sunglasses! So, This is helping businesses to remodel their customer services and experiences. This trend will be massive in 2022 due to the increase in consumerism, and it can change the way we interact in meetings with people. In the future, there may be 3D meetings where we can put on on our goggles and immerse ourselves in the world of virtual reality with our colleagues. 

Technology Trends of 2021: Bottom Line 

These top technology trends of 2021 are now accelerating faster due to the necessity of digital communications in the pandemic world. Seeing this, we can surely say that we will accomplish great things in just five years, which will take decades in the future. The article might run out of space to showcase the top technology trends. 

Besides our scientific temper to develop new technologies, we must also cultivate healthy habits towards technology. We should not fall prey to their addictive user interfaces and extreme intelligence. The textbook example for this is how some people are developing romantic relationships with AI bots nowadays. Apart from degrading our mental health, it also harms our society. So, embrace technology out of your conscious choices. 

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