Tired Of Google Tracking Your Online Activity? Try These 5 Privacy-focused Search Engine





Privacy is an important issue in all spheres, be it in your personal life or your digital life. If we talk in terms of digital life then it has become a bigger concern for all the right reasons. Due to everything shifting online, privacy has been becoming a major issue. All of us spent so many hours (whether work-related or not) navigating through the internet for every other task. It has become an indispensable part of our lives.

Google might seem like the best search engine until you find yourself in the sea of different advertisements. Google takes a lot of your private information to show you the ‘preferred’ content. This becomes irksome when every time you open it only find yourself in between different advertisements. Also, the tracking of your personal information can be harmful. Therefore, let us take a look at some of the private-focused search engines that can prevent your data from theft and cyber attacks.

Best Privacy-Focused Search Engines You Must Try

To combat the issues of privacy and data leakage, there are many search engines that you must use if you are exhausted with Google’s constant tracking of your activities. But before that, let us be clear that most of you must be thinking about Microsoft Bing, then let us assure you that it is also not a safe option either. There are many privacy-focused search engines whose main motive is to protect your data and activities from any third party. Without further ado, let us take a look at the best ones!

1. Brave

When talking about privacy-focused search engines, the brave browser heads the list for all the right reasons. The brave search engine is more or less like any of your standard browsers but with great differences. Like other browsers, the Brave browser is also free to use. What the brave search engine does is that it strips out other ads from different companies and shows its ads. With the help of this, it allows users to send money to whichever site they like. 

The brave browser reviews are mostly positive as it also eliminates the ad tracker that creeps into your computer to know what kind of data you like. Wondering what brave search engine biased? The brave search engine does not show your result based on algorithms which is quite a biased way to show the results. Rather, the search is focused more on the users than the advertisers. 

2. Startpage 

Another best privacy-focused search engine is the Startpage which claims itself as the world’s best search engine. Startpage, just like the brave search engine, blocks all the tracking but at the same time provides you with the experience just like google. The browser also promises to never sell, store or track your data. 

3. Ecosia 

A very different approach, surprisingly, a very environment-friendly approach. Through this search engine, you can have it all you want and raise money for the environment at the same time. Along with being environmentally conscious, it is also privacy-conscious. This privacy-focused search engine does not sell your data to any third party, your searches are encrypted and all your data is stored anonymously within a week.

4. Duckduck go 

Another recommendable privacy-focused search engine is the duckduck go. This, like other privacy browsers, does not allow the third party to gain access to your data and search history to evaluate your preferences. The platform uses the traditional method of affiliate commissions and sponsored ads to monetize itself.  To show you the closest result of what you are looking for, it lets you choose the country manually and filters the ads accordingly. 

5. Qwant 

This one is an interesting privacy-focused search engine and ensures its users’ digital freedom, privacy and neutrality for all searches you perform on the internet. Qwant offers a very casual user experience that is extremely easy to use, so if you are not much into the internet and applications, then this is again a perfect privacy-oriented browser for you. The browser offers its users a very rich privacy-respected experience with diverse results of news and trending topics that are organised coherently. 

Final Words

These are the top 5 privacy-focused search engines that respect your privacy, promise you digital freedom and ensure that there is no tracking. Not only this, but the user interface is also very friendly and not limited to advanced users of the internet. 

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