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The ongoing pandemic situation has led people to work from home on their computers and laptops. Are you also one of them? Then you surely need a perfect laptop and keyboard or mouse system so that your work goes on smoothly throughout the day. Planning to buy something new or comfortable for your laptop or computer? Or are you still confused about it? 

Here in this article, you will get to know everything about the desired product for your PC or laptop. You should go for the latest version of the best wireless mouse that would surely enhance the performance of your work. There are several types of the latest computer mice that you should try out.

Mouse with sensors

It would be a great idea to buy a mouse with the best sensor that will work on all types of surfaces, like the Logitech MX mice which supports the connection to three devices by Bluetooth or their built-in USB adapters which lets you quickly reverse control between the computers. 

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But it’s a bit expensive. So, if you find it to be out of your budget or in case you don’t want to work on a glass surface, then there are other wide ranges of computer mice that are quite inexpensive and comfortable, as well as having a good tracking system with Bluetooth, etc.

Latest Wireless Computer Mouse

Here are the details about some of the best wireless mouse

1. Travel Mouse With Full-Size Personality: Logitech MX Anywhere 3

It is a kind of smaller version of the MX Master 3. Although it is a bit smaller these computer mice come up with several features like-

  • Dual wireless connectivity with a superfast scrolling capability, having programmable buttons.
  • It has flow support providing the ability to move the cursor between computers on the same network.
  • It has a great battery life as it can last as long as 70 days after a full charge and a three-minute charge which can last throughout your one whole working day.
  • The buttons are quite comfortable in use despite their smaller size.
  • One of the most important features of these computer mice is that they can work on all types of surfaces including the glass surface. So we have got no worries about the mouse pad.

Several versions of this Logitech MX Anywhere 3 mice

  • The standard universal version is capable of working with Windows, macOS, Chrome OS, iPad OS, and Linux computers using Bluetooth or the already included Logitech’s unifying USB dongle.
  • MX Anywhere 3 mice works only over Bluetooth and is augmented for Macs and iPads.

2. Cheaper Dual Wireless: Jelly Comb MS003 Dual Mode mouse

  • This is one of the most compatible best wireless computer mouses containing a USB receiver as well as Bluetooth, making it easy for the devices not to have any USB port. This best wireless mouse makes it possible for those devices to connect via Bluetooth or the USB receiver.
  • It also has the facility to rapidly switch between the Bluetooth or the USB receiver which lets you control your computer from one device to the other. For example, controlling your computer with a tablet to any other device.

Design and structure

  • It has a bit low profile design which enables it to slip easily into your bag but at the same time, is less comfortable as compared to the other ergonomic designs.
  • It has a ball on top which acts as a scroll wheel. And if you are adapted to work with the buttons, there are no such forward or back buttons on the side but a button only in the middle of the body at the top, enabling the quick switching of the DPI, giving it a greater cursor control on the fly.

3. An Ergonomic Mouse for smaller hands: VicTsing Mini Bluetooth Mouse

  • It is quite suitable for people who want something smaller for themselves or their kids or in case they are looking for a travel mouse. Although it is the best Bluetooth mouse, there is a 2.4 GHz USB receiver installed in the battery chamber which makes it easy to just plug in and start on with your work.
  • It has two Bluetooth connections i.e.; 3.0 and 5.0, through which it gets easy to connect to three devices and switch between them with a button at its bottom.
  • The cursor control is quite smooth enough to work accurately on non-glass surfaces.

Design and structure:

  • It is a wedge-shaped structure with a high rounded back which makes it comfortable for your palm to rest on, while the rubberized Y design on both sides makes a grip for your fingers.
  • There is a rubber on the scrolling wheel and some stops as well.
  • There is a button at the back of the wheel which enables you to switch between the five DPI settings at a range from 800 to 2400.
  • All of its buttons contain an audible click except the main left and right buttons.
  • The mouse is supplied with a single AA-sized battery which easily lasts up to 36 months of use.

4. For the Windows 10 Power User: Microsoft Surface Precision Mouse

  • These computer mice lives up to the quality of Microsoft’s other Surface hardware and hence, are worth its price. It enables us to work with multiple Windows 10 PCs collaterally at the same time.
  • Using this Microsoft mouse and the keyboard Center software, we have the advantage to program its customizable buttons along with its great feature of letting the mouse get connected to three different computers and swiftly moving the cursor between them which is quite similar to Logitech’s Flow feature.

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5. Wireless Mouse for Gaming: Logitech G305 Light-speed Wireless Gaming Mouse

  • It is the computer mice which is too comfortable for work as well as the high-performance gaming which can be bought for about less than 50 Dollars which is not at all easy to find.
  • The lightweight and disingenuous design of this G305 device hit the mark.
  • It has a great deal of battery life. It has a single AA battery that lasts up to 250 hours of constant PC gaming.
  • These computer mice do not contain Bluetooth but it uses Logitech’s wireless light speed USB adapter.
  • It consists of a Hero optical sensor for optical gaming performance which works only on a single battery. And this is quite impeccable.

Try these mice and feel the power of technology in your grasp!

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