5 Best VoIP Providers To Make Your Work-From-Home Feel More Streamlined





Looking for the best VoIP service for at-home work? Confused about which services are the best VoIP providers? Today you can make calls using not only landline or through some telecom services but also using FaceTime, Messenger, Google Voice, etc. as well. A Virtual Phone System (VoIP) is a better option than landlines as they are less expensive. Moreover, the best VoIP providers even support multiple platforms like mobile phones, desktops, and laptops. And with everything converting into work from home, the last thing you would need will be a muddled desk. Getting the best VoIP service for at-home work will set you free to make and take business calls from wherever you want as long as you have proper internet. In this article, we will walk you through some of the best VoIP providers.

What Is A Virtual Phone System (VoIP)?

VoIP operates using a broadband internet connection. It enables voice communications to be transmitted via an internet connection rather than using a traditional phone network. Even though VoIP works the same way as any conventional phone system, it is more affordable and easier to scale compared to the latter. Many Virtual Phone Systems (VoIP) also come with a bunch more advanced features like simple call routing, advanced on-hold messages, multiple numbers, etc. Many VoIP packages even have a selection of tools like online fax, video conferencing, and integrated email marketing.

VoIP Route Quality Types

Before heading towards the list of the best VoIP providers, it is important to understand which VoIP quality is good for you. When buying a VoIP not only price but its quality is also an important factor. A Virtual Phone System (VoIP) has various types of quality. In that, two major variants are CLI & Premium quality routes and Non-CLI routes.

  • CLI & Premium Quality Routes

CLI Routes or White Routes are supposed to be one of the best routes. They are more costly than other routes. The primary reason behind the high price of CLI & Premium quality routes is the quality it provides. These routes display the caller ID when the call connects to the receiver. Premium quality means that the voice quality is excellent. The provider has made sure that the route has been tested and provides a top-notch voice quality. 

  • NON – CLI Routes

The NON-CLI routes or grey routes do not display any information about the caller. It usually displays the caller ID as “blocked call” or sometimes random numbers. Because of this reason, usage of this route is even banned in some countries. In terms of quality, the NON-CLI routes also provide decent quality calls. 

5 Best VoIP Providers

Here is the list of best VoIP service for at-home work to feel more streamlined:

1. RingCentral Office

Very deep features for VoIPHardware will cost extra
Artificial Intelligence integrationsWorkflow is not much intuitive
Improved user interfaceNo workaround to the wizards

RingCentral Office is a cloud-based platform that includes all the features that modern organizations expect from their VoIP systems. Such as video software, collaboration tools, and even artificial intelligence capabilities. RingCentral Office has all the core features like an auto-attendant system, a company directory, call forwarding, and handling, and multiple extensions. In addition to these features, this application causes minimum disruptions during communication. It includes unlimited voice and video calling. However, it limits the number of users only to 20.

2. Ooma Office

Flexible product with no fixed contractLess reporting capabilities 
Basic mobile and desktop appsTo operate phones must be configured by Ooma
Easy to use 

Ooma Office is one of the best VoIP providers available on the market. It is a great choice for small firms or businesses that don’t have a large number of workers,  by providing a reliable VoIP service. Recently, Ooma Office joined the home security space, and this could interest workers who split their time between home and office. Using Lima Telo as a security hub, the company offers a broad range of security options. Such as audible alarms, motion sensors, and instant alerts.

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This software is best for those companies that have remote workers. It allows both mobile and desktop apps to make and receive unlimited calls within the US using their business numbers.

3. Dialpad

Pros Cons 
Highlights actionable call contentNo call quality reporting
Strong call centreLess reporting customization
Good service functionality 

Dialpad is another best VoIP provider available online that uses cloud calling and takes the help of artificial intelligence to boost employee productivity and flexibility. It has AI-powered voice intelligence that can be used to automate note-taking. AI can even detect sentiments during a call.

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The user setup for Dialpad is straightforward as it comes with one central administrator portal. This makes it easy to add new users, assign them phone numbers, and connect them with office suites like Google workspace and Microsoft.

4. 8×8 X Series

Pros Cons 
Plenty of standard featuresHave issues importing contacts from google
Easy setupMeetings are scheduled either in OutlookGoogle Calendar
Multiple pricing plans 

If you run an organization that spends too much on its communication tools, then this 8×8 X Series is for you. It offers a very affordable base offering which makes it on the list of best VoIP providers. Its express plan comes with unlimited video calls, chats, and SMS messages across the US and Canada. It is the best app to manage all your business communications. This plan also comes with a one-month free trial period and three months of unlimited Wix.

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If you want to access more features from this software then you can upgrade your plan to an X2 plan. It includes unlimited calls within 14 countries, video and audio calls, SMS, and more. It also includes enterprise integrations including google workspace, outlook, etc.

5. AT&T Business

Pros Cons 
Good feature listComplex system
Gives access to legacy PSTNMight require help to configure 
Support phones and external legacy PBX hardware 

AT&T Office is one of the best VoIP providers using cloud power with voice, fax, and text messaging options. It also has audio and video conferencing features. The solution is cloud-based and it comes with up to three pricing plans. Once installation and configurations are out of the way, AT&T Business is simply personified. Each employee is given a unique extension. They are even provided with direct-dial numbers for voice, fax, and text messaging.

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