5 Best Help Desk Software That Will Be Beneficial To Keep Happy Customers





Keeping customers happy and satisfied is vital for any business. The best help desk software provides a simple and easy way for businesses and enterprises to manage customer and staff support requests. Some of these also have social customer service integration. Especially during covid, when the world is running digitally, having good help desk ticketing software could be a boon for you. A help desk software will help your business to organize, prioritize, and consolidate support requests. 

A ticking system will enable businesses to assign inquiries to the relevant agent, provide context to customer interactions, and even track inquiries from customers. It also provides a shared inbox that allows staff to coordinate their efforts. In this article, we have listed a few best customer support software that can help you manage customer support and improve the service and quality of your organization.

5 Help Desk Software To Use

Here are some of the best help desk software that will be beneficial to keep your customer happy:

1. LiveChat

What we like in LiveChatWhat we don’t like in LiveChat
Allows SMS to live chatsHas Pricey subscription
Advanced reportsTwo-factor authentication is not proper

LiveChat is the best customer support software available on the web. It offers a complete help desk ticketing software platform to help and support customers as well as the sales team. It lets you manage multiple communication channels from a single dashboard. These channels can include email, chat, SMS, apps, and the website itself. This help desk software also offers social customer service integration. That means it provides integrations with software platforms like Salesforce, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Shopify, and Pipedrive.

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As a help desk ticketing software, LiveChat also makes managing messages, offering sneak peeks, customer details, and agent groups easier. This software also lets you share announcements, introduce new products, and invite visitors to chat. Personal greetings are also available according to time, location, and previously visited pages. However, LiveChat is expensive. More expensive plans add more features to it.

2. Zendesk

What we like in ZendeskWhat we don’t like in Zendesk
Social customer service integrationPotentially high price tag
Solid ticket managementThe beat features are available only at higher pricing tiers
Customizable reports and dashboards plus flexible queries. It lacks enterprise features such as change and asset management.

Zendesk is a popular help desk ticketing software. It provides businesses with a variety of customer support interactions in one accessible database. This software package has the features for an efficient workflow, including web widgets, search customer history, and predefined ticket responses. In addition to this, it supports social customer service integration. Zendesk is expensive and does not have a free option like some other laps. This app provides a lot of features like a set and an impressive approach to security. This app’s ticketing management system provides a lot of fine-grained control over tickets. With its built-in issue tackling system, the support team can easily identify issues the moment they are raised by customers.

3. Zoho Desk

What we like in Zoho DeskWhat we don’t like in Zoho Desk
Tight integration with other Zoho productsGamification is limited to community forums
Highly configurable and easy to manageHeadquarters dashboards could be more extensible
Major features are available at a not so expensive price. 

Zoho Desk is one of the best help desk ticketing software applications. This help desk software works best for small to midsize businesses that need a platform they can grow with. It is a SAAS product that bills itself as the first “Context-aware” solution in the industry. This means you will be guided by a range of information about Zoho.

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This help desk ticketing software contains many features like Workflow automation, a self-service knowledge base like Ai, APIs, and SDKs, CRM integration. The enterprise plan boasts as it possesses impressive features. This includes multi-lingual email ticketing and a customer management system. This software has one of the best ticket management systems. It is multi-channelling, which means email, phone, social media can be used for customer support interactions. Tickets are automatically organized and tools exist to increase ticketing efficiency. This app is simple and easy to use and understand.

4. Freshdesk

What we like in FreshdeskWhat we don’t like in Freshdesk
Great gamification featuresReporting tools offer both ends
increase agent efficiency Reporting tools are not enough flexible 
The free tier allows smaller customers to get a feel for the system over a long periodKey features like dashboards, chatbot, social signals are only available at higher package

Freshdesk is the best customer support software that has several features to increase the efficiency of workflows. Such as a team box to manage incoming tickets from different channels to one single location, the ability to designate and create custom ticket statuses that work for your organization. This help desk software can integrate information from multiple channels like email, phone, chat, and more. If you want more features you can upgrade your plan by paying a fee. These paid plans will add automation, time tracking, satisfaction, surveys, performance reports, and other features.

5. Happy Fox

What we like in Happy FoxWhat we don’t like in Happy Fox
Very good ticket management capabilities Lacks some of the key integration points
Asset management functionality Priced above peers with no free trial

HappyFox another best customer support soft water with a sleek ticketing system. It is easy to use and offers one of the most well-thought-out interfaces available. In this help desk software, tickets are manually created. These tickets are either generated by a customer portal or automatically by social media postings. Happyfox has a customizable dashboard that lets you see how tickets are flowing and even know the status of the active tickets. A reporting system lets you filter out the result set, view the lifecycle of reports, or even schedule reports.

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This application has internal code running which is designed to avoid two agents trying to resolve the same issue from two tickets. Thus avoiding the repetition of the exercise and saving time. Few features of happy fox are designed to reduce the agent workload and streamline inquiry responses. Moreover, this help desk software supports multilingual nature by supporting more than 35 languages inherently.

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