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With the onset of the digital age and introduction to social networking websites, there has been seen a rise and an urge in sharing your photos, videos and updating your current status. Everything from where you are and how you feel is covered on social media. This article is about Best Free Photo Editing App. The biggest use that has been seen for social media applications like Instagram, Facebook, etc. is sharing your photos. One can exempt twitter from this, but pictures and photographs catch more attention than words. Sharing pictures does not have to be personal, but can also benefit your professional spaces as we have approached the era of digital marketing. 

Moving on, to attract the attention of the masses, one needs to click and edit catchy and artistic photos. While one can overlook the composition of the picture over editing as it forms a big part of any picture. Therefore, to help you with the editing section of the photos, we have curated some of the best photo editing apps in this article that can help you in abundance. Let us know the best free photo editing apps that are available online. 

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What Are Some Best Free Photo-Editing Apps?

Now that we know about the importance of editing in photos from both the personal and professional sector, therefore, let us have a look at some of the best photo editing app for android and iOS both that are available for free.


Naturally, one of the best free photo editing app that is available both on the Android operating system and on iOS. There are many filters that you can only unlock after paying but the rest of them are free to use. It is a truth the filters that VSCO offers are way better than the ones you will find on Instagram.

There are other editing tools like adjusting the exposure, brightness, saturation, contrast and adding grain to the picture. Moreover, the best part is that it is user-friendly and very easy to use. Therefore, even if you are a beginner, you can easily use this app for editing your photos.

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This app is entirely free and is available on android, iOS and iPad. Despite the beautiful filters that it has for editing pictures what has caught people’s attention is the other settings of the app. You can change the saturation, change the perspective of the picture and the best tool in the snapseed app is that of expanding your picture in three different ways. Not only this, if you want to remove a certain spot on your picture then you have the ‘healing’ option in the app for correcting the affected part. Therefore, this is one of the best photo editing app with which you can adjust other things in the picture apart from putting filters. 

Adobe photoshop express editor

If you are not a beginner in editing and looking for some advanced features in the photo editing app, then you should go for the adobe photoshop app for your phone. The app is jam-packed with readily accessible tools that will help your image pop out, like removing red-eye, make color corrections, etc. apart from these options, you also have tools to balance the color, change the lighting, resize, crop, etc.

Therefore, if you are into more professional ways for editing pictures then adobe photoshop is the best free photo editing app. 

Flickr app 

Next up is the Flickr app which is also considered one of the best photo editing apps in the realm of photography. Moreover, you can find a separate community of photographers on Flickr along with the editing features. Hence, it is one of the best apps in terms of growth and learning new ideas from other photographers.

With the advanced editing tools present in the Flickr app, one big advantage that it has is that there is no need to crop your pictures to fit a respected frame. 

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Last, not the least, we have the canva app that is another best photo editing app for android and other iOS. One step forward, here not only can you edit the pictures you have taken but the app also allows you to make graphics. You can design and add photos that you have clicked in your design, therefore, if you are looking for apps that make your photo look creative and artsy, maybe canva is made for you. The final design that you make in canva can be retouched and redesigned according to your wishes. One can even design evites through canva and posters relating to different events. 

Final Words

There go our six best free photo editing apps that you should try if you want to come into the world of photography or editing. Not only these are simple and easy to use, but you can do almost everything that a professional photographer does with his photos.  

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