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Facebook is the largest social network in the world with over 2.6 billion monthly active users in the first quarter of 2020. There is no question that it’s quickly growing to become one of Youtube’s largest video sites. While YouTube has an available online option, there is no option to download Facebook videos

Speaking of Facebook, advertising, videos and live Facebook streams have recently become very popular and are likely to connect you with your target audience. Indeed, with its well-thought-out content and visuals, many Facebook videos are visually fascinating.

You may want to save them offline, keep a copy of your video marketing activities, or even post it on a different platform with your family and friends. What is the basic intention of uploading a video from Facebook? Anyway, let’s see why most of us want to download a Facebook video before getting into this matter.

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Why download a Facebook video?

There is no question that you click through your Facebook stream every day, many of which you do not find on YouTube, in Facebook videos that attract your attention. Also, there are several videos in which your friends and relatives are tagged. Any person who may be interested in watching the video is tagged automatically and press the sharing button. Your laptop, your tab, or your phone, however, may easily be downloaded forever.

Currently, as opposed to YouTube, Facebook has no offline browsing option. Facebook videos are host on the servers of Facebook, just like you do on the Google servers for YouTube videos. 

Currently, the URL of any video of Facebook is built-in and is not the actual source of the image. To make up for the lack of ‘direct download’ on Facebook, you need a Facebook video downloader.

How to download a Facebook video?

There are numerous links on the Web that claim to help you quickly download Facebook videos, but many of them lead to useless and malicious sites.

Here is a compiled listing of credible and fully protected apps and pages, after extensive internet analysis, which will make it much easier to download your work. By uploading them from trusted sources you can now enjoy watching Facebook videos offline.

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1. Apps to download facebook videos

1. Getfbstuff. com is a Windows 10, Ubuntu, Mac OS X, and several other operating system-based programs. Depending on the privacy settings of the video set by the source uploader, you can download both public and private Facebook videos using this application.

Follow these steps when using a public Facebook video:

  1. Get the Facebook video URL or website connection and verify that your personal confidential settings are set to ‘public’.
  2. Make sure the Facebook-Server hosts and embeds the video.
  3. Click right and open the Facebook video you want in a new tab.
  4. Copy your existing web browser video URL (Mozilla Firefox or chrome).
  5. Turn the copied URL into the URL box, as shown above, and open in a separate tab. Open
  6. To complete the next steps, press the ‘Download’ button.
  7. Choose video quality settings that are either high resolution or low resolution.
  8. Right-click on the video and pick the “Save Link As” option in the converted video output.

However, the steps are slightly different if it is a private Facebook video:

  • Open a new tab for the video.
  • See private Facebook video’s ‘source tab’. You can do this by clicking the keyboard ‘Ctrl U’. The URL method will not function here to download.
  • Using ‘Ctrl C’ on your keyboard to copy the whole source.
  • Open a new tab to open a Private Facebook Video Downloader.
  • In the input text field, paste the source code.
  • To download, press the blue button.
  • Download the video and save it to the desired video quality.


With windows, MAC, and Linux, this web application functions well and is fully free to use. The output format is acceptable for MP4. The following video can be downloaded:

  1. Open the video in a new tab to download.
  2. Click right on the video and click on “Copy Video URL at present”.
  3. Go to and add the connection to it.
  4. Choose your desired video quality as the production.
  5. Click the button download.
  6. Right-click the video to choose “Save as Video”.
  7. Rename the video to your desktop and save it.

3. Chrome Browser 

You can import your Facebook videos from your chrome browser directly to your laptop without using any external software or services. You just need to:

Go to a different tab for the video that you want to download.

  1. Click right on the video and then click “Copy current video URL”.
  2. Click the URL in the address bar of your browser.
  3. Substitute the only www. To “m” .in the URL and click “Enter” Screen Play.
  4. Click “Alt option + Cmd + j” to open the Developer console.
  5. Inspect the video feature with the developer console’s icon at the top right (or turn it to by pressing Shift+ Cmd +C).
  6. On the developer console, click on the video and you will see a box.
  7. Copy and paste the video URL to a separate tab and press “Enter”.
  8. Right-click the “Save Video As” video and pick it.
  9. Rename and save the downloaded video to your device folder.

For any internet browser, as in Google Chrome, you can follow almost the same instructions by making a few tweaks.

4. Freemake Video Downloader

Freemake Video Downloader is a program that lets you download Facebook videos from the Windows operating system (Vista). This is completely complimentary and free to download in a wide range of formats including MP4, MP3, Mac, iOS, and AVI.

You just have to follow 4 steps:

  1. Download and open the Freemake application from the official website.
  2. By importing your Facebook Video URL, add your files.
  3. Select the format you want for output and video quality and click “Convert”.
  4. Save your desktop or mobile video downloaded.


Altogether, because of its increasing marketability and acceptability Facebook videos will not die shortly. Now that you have got a really good idea of uploading a Facebook video, save it and access all your favourite Facebook videos with a button press. It can also be posted for enhanced awareness and organic reach on various platforms.

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