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As a gamer, you might always encounter problems like: How to talk with other companions during a game? How to find and organize people long enough to get a game going? Games like League of Legends, Call of duty, and counter strike have baked chat programs included in your game but it might slow down your game while you’re using it. Therefore, you may look for other chatting apps to bring a better experience during a game. In this situation, we strongly recommend the Discord app to you and give way to record Discord audio considering your demands.

What is Discord

If you are new to Discord, let us tell you that it’s a great online free voice and text chat application for a gamer and other communities to come together and chat. Discord provides real-time communication service in multiplayer games without a lag. This platform is developed to replace the other VoIP applications which are usually used by gamers to chat or record audio during a game.

With the unique features of the text, GIF, Server, and more, game players can not only use this platform to chat with their partners but also find groups of the player with common interests such as fans of a particular game or studio. 

Discord combines the best features of Skype and TeamSpeak. You can easily meet, hang out, chat via text, video, or voice by creating or joining a chat room called Server. Moreover, You can invite people with the help of links and then communicate with them through GIF, video, or image. Now if you are looking for ways for recording discord audio keep reading!

How to record Discord audio

Before we begin, one should be aware that, in many areas around the globe, it’s illegal to record other people’s activity without their permission. You need to ensure that you have taken the permission of all parties involved in a conversation during a game before you use any of the methods listed below.

1. Recording Discord audio using RecMaster

Since Discord is formed for creating communities ranging from gamers to education, every person on the platform can benefit from the Discord audio recorder. Gamers can review the recorded discord audio with their partner to analyze the existing shortcomings. While on the other side, Non-gamers can save the Discord audio for future reference or offline listening. 

However, to your surprise, this platform doesn’t have a great addon to record audio. In this way, you can only employ an extra voice recorder. Here we introduce RecMaster to help you to record and save Discord audio.

RecMaster is a voice as well as a screen recorder that enables you to record online audio like a Skype call and more platforms. We have picked this one out because of the simple interface and numerous functions. You can use this application to save and record discord audio in MP3/ WAV with audio from your and your partner’s microphone

In one of the features, it also supports scheduled audio with the help of the task schedule function which means you can preset the recording duration and it will automatically start at the time. Let’s have a look at how you can record audio in discord.

Step 1: Set-up Discord audio recorder

Firstly, download the RecMaster installation package according to your computer operating system and follow the steps mentioned to complete the installation.

Step 2: Choose the audio format

Now, open up the software and start recording discord audio by clicking the Audio Only mode. Here you can change the audio formats and recording device according to your preference. Considering the popularity, we strongly suggest you choose an MP3 format with system sound and microphone buttons on and placed properly.

If you wish to use the schedule job function, you can move to the Task Schedule interface which is at the left bottom of the window.

Step 3: Get started with the process

Now it’s time to start the process. All you need to do is simply press on the REC icon.

Step 4:Stop and share the recorded audio

Click the stop button and then you can play or share the file.

2. How to record Discord Audio with OBS PC

OBS is a prevalent and open-source streaming tool that allows you to record audio from Discord. You can also broadcast your Discord audio and share the gaming conversation with the help of OBS. The following steps will guide you on how to record Discord audio with OBS.

First, you are required to download OBS from its official website. Then click on install and open OBS on your PC. Then click on the + under Sources when you enter the home window and then select the Desktop Audio option.

Select File > Settings > Output to adjust the output mode. Click Settings > Audio > Desktop Audio if you want to choose the audio source. Then click on OK to confirm the operation and save the changes made.

Now, Play the Discord audio or start the Discord voice call, and then click on the Start Recording option under Controls to start capturing audio from Discord.

3. Installing and using Craig Chatbot

The first and the easiest way to record discord audio on Discord is with the help of the Craig bot.  Discord has a bundle of third-party bots that you can use on servers. These bots can do numerous tasks such as playing music & helping you to manage your Discord server. Then, after adding the bot to the platform, a few text commands are more than enough to start and stop recording. The recording can be done for up to 6 hours. Furthermore, the recording is automatically deleted after 7 days.

The Craig bot does not require any setup and hence it is the most convenient way to record a voice channel on Discord. Below are the mentioned steps to record audio.

  1. Log into Craig’s chat box site
  2. Now, Click on Invite Craig to Your Discord Server.
  3. Then Tap on the down arrow under Add Bot.
  4. Choose your server from the list given.
  5. Tap on Authorize.
  6. You will see a message that will pop up for joining Craig on your server.
  7. To start recording audio, move to an audio channel and type: Craig: join
  8. The bot’s username will change to show that it has been registered and say: “registered now.” You will also receive a message from Craig bot along with links to your conversations.
  9. To stop the recording, type: Craig: leave
  10. Then, Craig will leave the channel you’re presently on and stop recording. This will continue if you are recording audio on the other channels.
  11. Similarly, To stop recording by the bot from any channel, type: Craig: Stop

Finally, we believe the information provided in this article about recording Discord audio will be useful to you. To record discord audio you just need to follow simple steps and you will be good to go! Happy Discord Audio Recording!

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