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Often it happens that you might be researching some stuff online and that might have led you to open a lot of tabs and left it like that in the far left corner of your browser.

When we have multiple web pages to work with, saving tabs in Chrome becomes necessary.

You might even face problems like the freezing of your chrome or crashing of your browser. 

There’s a simple solution to this problem, instead of overloading or crowding your browser with multiple tabs, you can save them in Google Chrome. Then you can close them and come back anytime you wish to view them. 

4 Ways to Save Chrome Tabs

If you are struggling with this, we will share different ways with you by which you can save tabs in chrome. 

1. Using Bookmark

Bookmark is an in-built feature in Google Chrome. With the help of a bookmark (electronic bookmark), you can save a web page’s address. To bookmark a webpage with the help of your mouse, click the Bookmark icon (or some such similar icon) that’s present on the right side of the address bar. 

Bookmarks come in handy when you find a webpage that you want to save and check back the next day or whenever you want to. When you bookmark a webpage, you are creating a shortcut for quick access to that webpage. 

Please Note: If you did not bookmark a page and have forgotten the address, you can view your browser history to find the webpage address and add it to bookmarks.

You can then access that bookmark any time to view the saved webpage again without having to search the Internet or the browsing history to find it.

Before we start the process of saving a webpage by adding it to the bookmark, we need to make sure the Bookmarks bar is enabled on your browser. If not, you will have to click on the ‘Menu’ button on the right side of the address bar. You will have to move your mouse over the “Bookmarks” to access the submenu. Make sure that the ‘Show bookmarks bar’ has a tick mark next to it, only then will it be enabled.

To save all the tabs you have currently opened, you have to right-click on the tab bar and select the ‘Bookmark all tabs’ from the popup menu. The ‘Bookmark all tabs’ dialogue box will be displayed on your screen.

To keep your bookmarks bar organized, you will have to create a special folder in which you will store your saved tab sessions. To create a folder on the Bookmarks bar, you will need to click on the ‘New folder’ option at the bottom of the dialogue box and then enter a name for that folder.

Then, you need to click on the ‘Save’ option.

Your folder is added to the end of the bookmarks bar. If you want to move it to a different location, click and hold on the folder’s name and drag it to your preferred location on the bookmarks bar. The next time you want to open all the tabs of that folder, you simply need to click on that folder on the bookmarks bar, then right-click on the dated sub-folder, and select ‘Open all bookmarks’ from the popup menu.

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All the bookmarks in that dated sub-folder are opened in separate tabs in the current window. Any tab you had currently opened, will also stay open. You can even open all the bookmarks of that folder in a new window, or even in an incognito window mode.

Now, you can save your preferred tabs, in that folder or in a new folder, on your bookmarks bar to access those again, whenever required.

If you are done with any particular tab and don’t want to refer to it any further, you can remove it from the bookmarks bar.

For removing a tab, you simply need to right-click on the particular folder that contains the bookmark for the particular website or tab that you want to remove. Then you need to select the ‘Delete’ option from the popup menu that will be displayed on your screen. You will see that the selected or desired tab gets deleted from the bookmarks bar.

The keyboard shortcut for saving a tab on Google Chrome –

Ctrl+ O (to save a single tab)
Ctrl+ Shift+D (to save multiple tabs) 

2. Using Settings

This is not exactly a method to save the tabs in chrome, but sometimes it happens that we are in hurry and we close the tabs accidentally or without adding them to the bookmark. Next time when we want to access those tabs, we forget the address of the webpage and it is irritating at such moments.

By using settings, you can restore your tabs if you closed them by mistake, and then you can add them to the bookmark so that it remains saved with you.

You simply need to click on the three vertical/ horizontal dots, present at the top right corner of your screen, and open the ‘Settings’.

Once you have opened settings, you will need to scroll down on the next screen and select the ‘Continue from where you’ve left’ option, under the ‘On startup’ section. 

After this moment, whenever you close any tab, either intentionally or unintentionally, you will be able to access it again very easily. This is very handy even in situations like when your browser misbehaves or crashes. 

3. Pinning Tabs

To pin tabs on chrome, you need to go to your desired webpage or platform.

Then you need to right-click on the tab that you want to pin and simply click on the ‘Pin’ option. 

Pinning tabs make sure that the important webpages are not lost, especially when closed accidentally while you are opening or viewing something else.

When you pin a tab, it shifts to the left of all the open tabs. In case of multiple pinned tabs, you can even rearrange them according to your needs

Once you pin a tab, it becomes small in size and the option to close the tab, i.e., the ‘x’ icon, gets hidden, thus, it reduces the chances of you closing that tab accidentally. 

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4. Using extensions

Saving tabs by bookmarking them might be easy, but it clutters your browser’s memory with temporary data. Plus, if you add too many tabs to bookmark, you risk mixing them up and getting confused. Or you might end up saving the same bookmark many times in different bookmark folders.

So another way to save tabs in chrome is by installing google chrome extensions, which comes with handy features like saving tabs with one click, organizing tabs, searching saved tabs, and a lot more.

If you prefer this method over piling bookmarks in your browser, you can prefer using one of the following Chrome extensions: 

1. Session Buddy

2. The Great Suspender

3. OneTab

4. Toby for chrome

5. Tab manager plus for Chrome

We hope that this was helpful to you and now you know how to save tabs in Chrome. 

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