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If you are in search of solutions to protect your devices like smartphones, PCs, or laptops from malware but want it to perform exceedingly better than antivirus software, hence providing a total or complete protection, then internet security suites are the right choice. However, similar to antivirus software, there is a wide range of options available which might make the decision-making a bit tough.

So here we have come up with this article which consists of some of the best security suites from which you can compare and choose the right one for you. In this article, we will discuss the features that the best internet security software along with some of the best antivirus software.

Security Suites

Security suites help to prevent the damage caused by computer viruses or other malware by providing a comprehensive range of tools for the protection of your smart devices. When compared to basic antivirus software, this includes additional features such as ransomware protection, password manager, VPN, etc. Hence, for those looking for high protection in the best possible way, this will keep the device secure allowing you to explore the internet without much fear.

The best internet security suites in 2021 are not only for desktops or PCs but they include Android and iOS devices like smartphones. There are different packages provided that vary according to the number of gadgets to be secured, starting from single to groups of three, five, or ten.

Hence, with a single package, all your devices are protected irrespective of different platforms or device types. This is also beneficial for family members as multiple gadgets are easily protected.

Further, some of the solutions provide rescue disk features that will help in a situation where the system is already vulnerable, encryption software to enhance the security level, and a firewall may act as additional security to privacy.

Application of Security Suites 

Now that we have an idea about what security suites are, let us understand their application. Security suites are available not only for domestic uses or individual devices but for businesses also.

The function is the same but the capacity and number of devices in business are larger than those packages for domestic services. Hence, these services include cloud antivirus, end-point protection, etc. along with training courses for staff for improving their understanding and awareness.

So, here are the best internet security software and the best antivirus 2021 ranges available in the market listed, from which one can choose the best suitable solution. Whichever software you choose, it is more than just basic software.

1. Bitdefender Total Security

Bitdefender Total Security is one of the best internet security suites in 2021 that provides great features and complete protection to the devices. It includes features like – standard antivirus, protection against ransomware, Wi-Fi security, secured browser for online banking, vulnerability scanner, etc.

Apart from these, it provides useful tools like a password manager, file shredder to delete files without leaving any trace, email spam filter, webcam protection, and parental controls. Hence, this is one of the best all-in-one packages that cover the entire domain of online and offline protection of your device. It is available for Windows and Mac, Android, and iOS operating systems and the initial trial period is free, which allows users to explore this suite for 30 days.

2. Kaspersky Total Security

Kaspersky Total Security is the right solution if you want a few additional benefits than the best antivirus for Windows PCs, Android devices, etc. This comes in a price range slightly higher than its antivirus packages but is far better in terms of functionality, protection of multiple devices, and improved antivirus experience.

It also provides firewall protection, secured web browser usage, webcam security, a tool to create a backup of your files, a password manager, and Safe Kids module for parental controls. It consists of the software updater which reduces the efforts of checking and keeping the software up to date.

The excellent parental control system allows site restrictions and tools for social media monitoring. Apart from this, some other features like troubleshooting tools, email spam filters, etc. are also included, so it is definitely worth the money.  

3. Norton 360 Deluxe

Norton 360 Deluxe is one of the best security suites that performs as an all-rounder, protecting the device or multiple devices from malware and much more. It delivers good antivirus functions and it provides features like webcam protection, firewall protection, and parental controls.

The users of the US enjoy an additional perk of dark web monitoring also. This software supports operating systems like Windows, Mac desktops, and their mobile applications are available for Android and iOS smartphones.

Some features of parental control like GPS tracking of mobile phones, high-end monitoring tools, etc allow ensuring that the kids are in safe hands. This is one of the strong points or strengths of Norton 360. Norton VPN provides cloud storage backup that ranges up to 50GB based on the package or number of devices one chooses. This is a big money saver as online cloud backup comes in handy in using your data anywhere and at any time.

4. McAfee Total Protection Ultimate

McAfee Total Protection Ultimate is similar to Norton that brings in exclusive features like anti-theft protection within the package apart from the antivirus protection and is of lower cost! So, this might prove to be an ideal security suite for the majority as it balances out the cost with quality.

It includes a password manager -True Key, protection against malware, parental control tools, file shredder, and encryption for sensitive documents, along with unlimited VPN available for five devices. 

However, if scrutinized one must note that the Mac users would face certain disappointment as neither the parental controls nor the VPN work on it and so is the features like webcam protection, backup software, etc. but as mentioned before, it is a good package for overall protection of your smart devices. 

Final Words

In this article, we have discussed some of the best security suites that provide protection way more than any other basic antivirus software. I hope, this was useful for you to choose the best solution and protection for all your devices.

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