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Android is the operating system developed by Google which is completely versatile, such that it can be used to run applications, software, etc. on different devices, especially smartphones. Android is commonly used in smart mobiles but can also be extended to other devices such as a laptop or a PC.

This is an extremely user-friendly method to use your android applications on a much bigger screen and with better accessibility. In this article let us learn about the best solutions for Android OS for PC and how to install Android on PC.

If you are planning to substitute your PC’s Windows OS with Android then here are a few reasons that you should consider before opting for the change:

  • The process might affect the PC’s normal working, making it even unusable if any error occurs.
  • If you have Windows OS, then removing it is not good for your device as Android might not support all its hardware, hence the functionality of the device would be reduced.
  • Any application that would run only on Windows cannot be used in the future if you remove Windows operating system.
  • Another simple reason for which you shouldn’t remove Windows is that you have purchased the Windows license along with the device, so it is ultimately losing the money you spent.

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As installing Android as OS after complete removal of Windows is not advisable, we will focus on the Android emulators or virtual machines that will allow you to run your Android applications on PC smoothly.

Android OS for PC

Some of the perks of having Android OS for your PC are:

  • Android is very easy to understand and has a user-friendly interface.
  • This stable operating system can be extended and further enhanced by installing various applications.
  • The vast choice is offered to Android users when compared to other operating systems, especially in smartphones.
  • App developers can use it for testing on their PC before launching it.
  • Gamers can have a better gaming experience with a keyboard and mouse on their PCs.

How to install Android OS on a PC?

Even though Android has several advantages, as mentioned before it is not recommended to replace it as the sole operating system of your PC. So, here we will check out how to install Android on PC using the emulators.

1. BlueStacks

It is one of the most popularly used Android emulators for PC and is used by millions of users in more than 200 countries around the globe!

  • BlueStacks App Player enables the usage of Android applications in Windows as well as Apple Mac OS.
  • The basic features can be accessed for free and these features are more than enough for users who just want to run Android applications on their PC, just like on their smartphones.
  • The system pre-requisites for BlueStacks are:
For Windows
  1. Windows 7 or higher
  2. Minimum 2 GB or higher system memory space
  3. 5 GB or more hard drive
  4. Intel or AMD processor
For macOS
  • macOS Sierra or higher versions
  • Minimum 4GB RAM
  • 4GB or more disc space

Use these steps to install BlueStacks to your PC

  • Visit the official website of BlueStacks.
  • Fill in all the information – operating system or android architecture, to proceed with the downloading process.
  • Click on the ‘Download’ or ‘Download BlueStacks’ option.

It is as simple as that! You can now install Android applications on your PC and use them the same way you would on your smartphone.

2. Remix OS 

Remix OS is a free Android operating system developed by the JIDE company which can be used by both Windows as well as Mac users.

It provides with features of a complete operating system:

  • Windows interface
  • Mouse support
  • Keyboard support
  • You can use USB booting for Remix OS just as LINUX live system.
  • It was derived from the Android-x86.
  • It can be used on Intel-based computers only.
  • The desktop Android OS features available with Remix OS are:
    1. A full menu bar similar to the taskbar.
    2. The JIDE logo at the left corner will initiate the start menu through the app launcher.
    3. It is better than the Chrome OS extensions if you want to use the Google Play Store.
    4. It has several keyboard shortcuts.

3. LDPlayer

LDPlayer is a free Android emulator for PC with its main focus on enhancing the gaming experience. Some of its best features are:

  • It has very good keyboard mapping controls.
  • It is actively updated to make it user-friendly and compatible.
  • The graphical support is great for gaming.
  • There is a wide range of compatible games, some of them are listed here:
    1. Garena Free Fire
    2. Among Us
    3. Clash of Clans
  • Apart from gaming, it is suitable for other applications like Whatsapp, Instagram, etc.

To install the LDPlayer follow these steps:

  • Visit the official website of the LDPlayer.
  • Click on the ‘Download’ option and install it on your desktop or PC.
  • Search and use the Andriod application that you want.
  • It also provides you with several gaming guides, installation guides, and other updates.

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4. Android Studio 

Android Studio is the default console used for the development of Android applications and games. However, this has an in-built emulator that is meant for testing your application before launching.

This is the best option for developers who want Android OS for PC as the non-developers or other consumers might find this process bit tedious.

The steps to install Android Studio on your PC are:

  • Check the following system prerequisites:
    • SDK Tools 26.1.1 or higher
    • 64-bit processor
    • Windows: CPU with UG (unrestricted guest) support
    • HAXM 6.2.1 or later version
  • Download the Android studio from the official website.
  • Run and install the emulator and developer console.
  • One can develop, test, and modify android based applications on their PC with the help of the emulator.

In this article, we have covered the three Android OS for PC and how to install it on your computer/laptop such that your system runs smoothly but at the same time you enjoy the advantages of Android on it!

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