10 Free Proxy Servers To Visit Sites Anonymously





A free proxy server can help you to hide your identity on the internet. There can be a possibility that you might want to access suspicious websites or bypass the internet censorship in your country or on your office or school network. Thus having a proxy website within your reach is important. 

What are Proxy Servers?

If you are new, let us tell you that a web proxy server essentially masks your IP address, by acting as a mediator between a particular user’s requests and the website.

Once the browser has sent a request to access the particular webpage, the proxy then reaches the website with its IP address and therefore this keeps the user anonymous in the process. If you are looking for free proxy servers, then keep reading the post.

VPN vs Proxy servers

Now, you might ask what is the difference between VPN and Proxy. Well, the only thing common in VPN and Proxy is that both hide the location of the user. The proxy server hides only the IP for a particular mobile application or a single website, but the VPN masks the entire network connection. 

Moreover, a VPN employs tunneling and encryption so that your information cannot be read by third parties that are in between, such as your internet service provider or ISP, your local Wi-Fi operator, or the nosey government policies.

But, it is sad that most VPN’s come with a certain amount of fee and tend to eat up your system’s RAM. Hence, if you have trivial work such as accessing information that has been blocked in your country, a proxy website is the best option that you should go with.


A proxy is not a replacement for VPN as it simply hides your IP address and unblocks the websites. Do not use a proxy to visit sites that require login or payment. In that case, you should use a VPN.

Best Free Proxy Server For 2021

The world of the Internet is filled with free proxy servers. Some of them are quite useful and safe, while others are stuffed with intrusive ads and few even try to snoop on the users. So, we have mentioned a curated list of the best free proxies that you can use to visit websites anonymously. 

1. ProxySite

Proxy Site has been quite a popular proxy website for many years now. The website has a pretty simple layout, it features a text box at the top of the page where you can enter the website URL and visit it anonymously.

The problem with this is that there is a lot of advertisement on the homepage. On the brighter side, this website offers several proxy servers from the US and EU to choose from.

You can see the shortcuts on the ProxySite’s homepage that are there for popular social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Reddit, etc. An important feature of ProxySite is that you can change User-Agent just from the website settings.

If you are looking Express VPN code then read the insightful guide on VPN.


Hide me is yet another proxy website available for users who want to hide IP addresses and bypass the Internet censorship. However, this is primarily focused on its VPN service.

The free proxy tool is under the “VPN apps” section as a consequence; it is worth noting that these sites offer the tool right at their homepage.

At the same time, the online proxy website offers several browser extensions for Google Chrome and Firefox so that the users quickly open a proxy website.

If you come to the Hideme proxy features, you can choose one amongst three locations it can be Netherlands, Germany, and the USA. The free servers compensate with additional functions such as enabling cookies, encrypting website URLs or removing scripts, etc. because the servers are less in number.

3. Kproxy

Kproxy has a minimal and non-intrusive layout with no advertisement. Apart from this, the Kproxy website also features browser extensions for Google Chrome and Firefox.

This platform has over ten servers from where you can choose and users can also choose for a non-secure connection before using the proxies. You might feel that the Kproxy is the best free server, however, there exists a catch.

The disadvantage of this server is that they don’t work most of the time. In many cases, the website responds to the clients with errors such as “Please try again” or server overload while asking users to opt for the pro version.

4. HideMyAss

As the name says, HideMyAss (HMA) is yet another free proxy website available for you that enables users to hide their IP address. The website offers about six free proxy servers from different countries along with other functions such as to Encrypt website URL or Disable cookies and even Remove scripts.

HMA is no different from other free proxies, it warns the clients of collecting data before opening up a particular server, something that all other proxy websites will fail to mention.

An IP address checker will also be featured in the website

5. Hidester

If you are searching for multiple server websites then you may not like Hidester very much because it merely has two servers.

But, once you enter into that, you will see that Hidester offers many added function for free of cost that other websites would need users to have a paid subscription.

You can also use the DNS leak test or WEBRTC leak test apart from using the web proxy. People can also check their IP address under “What is my IP” section. 

Coming back to the web proxy function, Hidester also allows its users to change the browser agent and force online trackers to believe that you are visiting the website from a completely different browser.

6. VPN Book

VPN Book has several servers across the US, Europe, and UK based servers. One of its major advantages is that it is 100% free. It will help you to unblock websites and also to easily access the proxy as there is no sign-up or registration requirement. The proxy server will also go to the extent of bypassing government censorship.

7. is a VPN service that gives you a wide variety of choice and has its server based in 16 countries. You also have an option to even leave it to random server selection in case you are not very much particular about what you want. It is also pretty safe to use on public Wi-Fi and it protects your browsing history from exposing.

We recommend you to use it for online purchases or several bank transactions, and even to secure password login for sites that are done on a public Wi-Fi. It also saves your data and anonymity which eliminates the fear of surveillance and the chance of information leakage. It also has 2 different encryption points before the site reaches you for additional security.

8. MegaProxy

Megaproxy includes a few unique characteristics that keep it different from other proxy websites. It lets you disable all advertisements and also block allowance of cookies from sites. What also makes it different is the feature to enable or disable the operating system and web browser user agent identity.

One disadvantage is that you could surf just a limited number of pages in a given amount of time and it also could not be used to upload media files or access HTTPS websites.

9. Zend2

Zend2 comes in some of the few servers that let the user surf Facebook and Youtube without paying any premium membership. When using this server, a person should be aware that any touching in disabling/ enabling cookies, protected scripts or URLs must be done at the beginning of the proxy session.

10. Croxyproxy

One of the advantages of using Croxyproxy is that it could be utilized for any mp3 and mp4 streaming. Without any extra tool download, it lets you incognita use YouTube and all its functions such as liking or commenting. It could also be run on any OS including Chrome and Android.

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