10 Common Amazon Echo Problems And Its Quick Fixes





Fixing Amazon Echo Problems

Want the latest technology system for yourself? Are you looking forward to buying an Amazon Echo? Or are you facing any Amazon Echo problems? When we buy any new device, we expect all the features to be working accurately and swiftly in a way that we get the most out of it. But if in case you are facing any kind of Amazon Echo problem, this article deals with the common problems of the Amazon Echo and the easy fixing techniques for the Amazon Echo troubleshooting. 

Honestly speaking, any technical feature or device surely faces some or other problems. And in the same way, the Amazon echo system also has many issues that the customers face. And there are eight major Amazon echo problems that persist most of the time leaving us with lots of frustrations!

While using Amazon Echo, we expect it to work exactly at our command. But this does not happen all the time. To be more specific we have got an Alexa Assistant system on Amazon that does not work in the right way all the time. And there are even more problems in the same way which are quite frustrating. 

However, these issues can be very easily fixed at home. So if you are thinking of changing the Amazon Echo speaker, then you need to have a look at this article before replacing or changing your device by wasting your money on it. 

1. Amazon echo setup problem and their solutions

There are certain considerable Amazon echo issues and their solutions that are as follows-

2. Problems related to an echo light ring

Alexa, the most used Amazon echo system does not come into action unless and until any “wake” word is called upon. These words which direct Alexa to wake up includes words like “Alexa”, “echo”, “Amazon” or “computer”. But the LED light ring ( just around the top of the echo) problem strikes sometimes. The light ring or any light bar starts lightening on the Echo show screen even when you are not working with the smart speaker. Some of the colors like spinning violet, solid red, or spinning orange alert us to the problem that we are facing. 

The spinning violet color asserts that there was an issue during the WiFi setup. 

The spinning orange color asserts that the device is presently connecting to the required network.

Solid red color indicates that the microphone is turned off and Alexa is not active to hear any of your commands. So you need to switch the microphone button to turn it back on.

3. The music keeps on cutting off on the Amazon echo at times

If you are listening to music on the amazon echo and if it gets cut in between and that too at regular intervals, it gets quite frustrating for anyone and this becomes the major problem. This problem could be a Wi-Fi-related problem that needs to be fixed. 

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So, to overcome this Amazon Echo problem you should try to unplug your amazon Echo from the wall and reboot your router. Wait for some seconds and then plug in both the devices back in the wall. And for even better results you should connect your Amazon Echo to your router’s 5GHz channel.

Amazon even does suggest keeping your speaker away from any metallic objects like microwaves, etc. that can readily cause a disturbance in the WiFi networks.

4. Alexa problems- Alexa sometimes fails to find our home devices

Alexa consists of a quite long growing list of home appliances which includes devices like Ecobee3 and lines of certain companies like Honeywell, Lifx, Nest, Philips, Hue, Wink, etc. It is quite easy to connect home appliances with Alexa.

And if you have added any of your devices with Alexa and facing issues such as- Alexa not getting connected to the Amazon Echo, then there are several ways to fix them. 

First of all, check for the correct citation of the commands used for Alexa. And the commands also vary for different devices. There can be differences even in the phrasing of sentences in the commands.

Some smart home devices fail to stay connected with Alexa. But we can fix these Amazon Echo problems easily. These problems are due to the connectivity problems and hence can be fixed by switching off the connectivity and then switching it back on. This helps to get the connectivity back most of the time. And if it still does not work, try to reboot the speaker by unplugging it and removing the device, and adding it back again.

5. Alexa sometimes get disconnected from the Wi-Fi

If your Amazon Echo problem is getting on, in staying connected to the Wi-Fi, then there are several ways to fix this issue.

Firstly, try to power cycle each device such as the modem, the router, and the Alexa speaker. To make sure that the issue is not arising again, try to stream the audio for a few minutes. And if the problem persists then try to keep the speaker close enough to the router while keeping it away from the other devices. And also try to switch the speaker to a 5GHz channel.

6. Alexa sometimes fail to understand our wordings

In case if Alexa is not able to understand any of our wordings or sentences, it says-“I’m sorry, I quite didn’t get that”. Moreover, Amazon has added a new feature that lets us ask Alexa about what is heard in order to make sure that it heard our words correctly, and if not, then we can fix that issue.

So to fix this issue you should first make sure that the echo is placed in a quiet open space which is away from noisy household appliances such as televisions, washing machines, sewing machines, etc. Or you can also use the training tool in the “your profile” tab.

7. Alexa gets activated by accident

Sometimes if we are not using the Echo and we prompted a word that is quite similar to “Alexa”, then it accidentally gets activated. But you need not worry about it. There are a few methods to repair them. 

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You can say-“Alexa, why did you do that?”. You can move the speaker very far from the television. You can switch on the mute button of the speaker while watching the television.

8. The alarm and the notification ringtones are too loud

Alexa app separately controls the volume. And in the case when it gets too loud you can fix it. We can easily fix this issue by opening the Alexa app on our Android or iOS and move to the “devices” option and finally to the “sounds” option. Now you can hold on to the cursor and adjust the volume accordingly.

9. Problems related to Spotify

Alexa speakers of Amazon have the feature to connect third-party apps such as Spotify, Pandora, etc. But it faces problems while streaming music. It suddenly either stops the music or gets interferences in between regular intervals. 

There is a simple method to fix it. Firstly, reboot the speaker. Then disconnect your Spotify account and sign again into it.

10. Having some issues regarding the music playing system from the speaker

The Echo contains a system of multiple room audio that lets us control the music from other Echo as well. And you need to name every speaker differently. In case you do not name your devices properly, it can lead you into trouble.

If you do not want to face such trouble, then it is better to queue up the music while naming the speakers according to their location or room names. It then gets easy to play music from different speakers without any issue.

Hope you find this article quite beneficial in understanding your Amazon Echo problems and their easy fixes!

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